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Cosmic justice takes an oddly specific form

Here’s Hawaii State Representative Tom Brower (D):

Rep. Brower is holding that there sledgehammer in that there photograph because he’s best known for using it to… 669 more words

Brawndo's Got Electrolytes


The Sikh messed up a seriously project today.
He’s the project manager, so when it got messed up, he decided to blame it on me. 118 more words


Entitled Assholes ?

Giving a Big Shout out to Blake Gray of the Gray Report…

Great Article and please follow him at www.blog.wblakegray.com

Visit Wine.com for a selection of great Rose’s.. 410 more words


Sorry If That's Too Complicated for You

If I’ve ever expressed an opinion about ranting on the internet, I’ve most likely advised you against it.  Even if you just had to get something off your chest.  855 more words


Bryan Fischer Blames Nationwide Marriage Equality on 'Rainbow Jihadists' Who Destroyed the 'Twin Towers of Truth and Righteousness'

Following Friday’s landmark Supreme Court case legalizing marriage equality nationwide, anti-LGBT hardliners were apoplectic. Bryan Fischer, the host of American Family Radio’s Focal Point, was no exception. 560 more words

Christian Right

Bristol's Pregnancy Was NO ACCIDENT!!!

There is a legal concept that allows the imposition of responsibility known as a “conscious disregard.” For example when a person drives to a bar and plans to get drunk, that person knows that he/she will be driving home. 1,061 more words