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5 Different Types of Assholes (in the scale of balls)

So, a topic I have been wanting to write about for a looong looong time.
Us girls have encountered enough amount of assholes in our love life, we know better not to fall for them. 787 more words


"Rolling coal"

Small minds have small fun, and don’t realize they are idiots that have no personal responsability for this fine planet we are nice enough to let them enjoy. 50 more words


fucking laundry dick

My fucking neighbor is about to get popped in the fucking mouth.

Who in their right fucking mind takes someone’s shit out of the god damn washer and throws it on the fucking floor? 193 more words


If he oinks like a pig and looks like a pig...

With any mistake you make, you will usually learn a lesson or lessons from it that teach you not to make it again.

Same goes for men. 713 more words


How ’bout I tell you, ketchup makes me smile?
It’s sad,
how these little things always remind me of you.
And all I can do is let them all go. 200 more words


Owls are Assholes

Owls are assholes. Everyone knows it. You might not think you know it, but deep down you know. 

It is at the forefront of my mind at all times because an owl was a huge asshole to me about ten years ago and I hold grudges. 455 more words


Those bitches

And yes, I am referring to the vast amount of jerks in the world who say shit like, “I like em short and skinny”. WHAT THE HELL? 235 more words

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