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It is Legal to Lie to your Government

Did you realize that I have empirical evidence that it is legal to lie to our governments? However, don’t take my words for it. Instead, realize that the man in the image to the right of this text, was the man who started the Iraqi war, responsible for killing millions, and that he lied to the CIA to succeed, and more importantly, that he is a… 419 more words


Evidence of that the CIA/NSA is censoring my emails to WikiLeaks

For three and a half years now, the NSA, CIA, and the Secret Service have been censoring my emails, in addition to my YouTube channel(s), and practically all correspondence I’ve initiated online. 630 more words


Google Is Not What It Seems


In June 2011, Julian Assange received an unusual visitor: the chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, arrived from America at Ellingham Hall, the country house in Norfolk, England where Assange was living under house arrest.

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How I managed to Troll the NSA to censor my email with help from a bottle of Heinz 57

The 9th of August 2013, I was able to “Troll” the NSA into censoring an email I sent to 57 members of WikiLeaks. The way I did it, was by first using my Facebook account, to post the WikiLeaks Collateral Murder video, on every single status update, on President Barack Obama’s Facebook wall.  649 more words


How a 15 year old Girl understood that which the Secret Service did not understand

I once asked a 15 year old Girl this question; “What is the best way to inform the CIA and the NSA about a potential terrorist threat?” 450 more words


A supporter of Julian Assange holds a sign reading "Don't shoot the messenger" outside the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

A supporter of Julian Assange holds a sign reading “Don’t shoot the messenger” outside the Embassy of Ecuador in London.



Solidarity Vigil marking 1000 Assange days in the Ecuadorian Embassy

On Monday 16th of March 2015, whilst WikiLeaks Editor is detained for more than 1550 days by the Swedish authorities for an criminal investigation raised but not progressed by the Swedish Justice system, and under the watchful eye of the Metropolitan Police encircling the Embassy, we gathered to stand in support of Julian Assange, caught into a web of administrative injustice. 855 more words