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my apathetic

I’ve been sharing many negative thoughts and feelings and such on here, and so I considered not sharing my little sketch.  But then I thought, eff it.


Mostly Silly Saturday Afternoon ~~ Randoms

1.  Hands down, the absolute best thing I’ve EVER bought for myself.  This has made me so happy!  I don’t even think it was three weeks before it arrived! 254 more words


Episode 294: How To Make An Arse Of Yourself!

Silly old Michael Buble has landed himself in trouble over an Instagram pic that his wife took.  Whilst holidaying in Miami, he and his family went to get some food, and his wife decided to take a picture of him. 198 more words


Michael Buble Shamed for Shaming. Shamey Shame Shame!!


All you overly sensitive fucking losers trying to “shame” my man Michael Buble for posting a lighthearted compliment about some random girl on Instagram need to shut the fuck up and get over yourselves. 103 more words

Hollywood News

Freaky Friday. Gross Out Edition.

How far through can you make it before closing the tab?

Let’s start pretty gentle.

Nothing up here. Just a man without a shirt on. I mean, there’s nothing wrong… But something just… 200 more words


How We'd Meet - Part Three

He is thrusting his long, thick finger inside of me. Little moans escape me as he drives in faster. He stops his finger still deep inside my warm, wet flesh. 398 more words


Liz Episode 3

Eric text to say he was at the bar
with the assignment now handed in he was free
at least for the weekend
after my excitement shopping… 1,321 more words

Erotic Fiction