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Losing Myself in the Academics

Good Evening lovelies,

First and foremost, I would  like to apologize on the behalf of my absence. I’ve been drowned in academics hints the title of this post. 229 more words

Bucket List: Things to do before I die...

Hello my lovelies,

So I’ve seen a lot of these posts floating around the internet/WordPress world and now I’m going to be very unoriginal and generic and share my own version with you. 897 more words


One Day...

One day is one day.

We all have said it. We all have said that one day we will have this, one day we will have that. 315 more words


Shift Your Thinking & Become an Agent of Change!

Back when I was a very young child, I knew that I was different from many others. In a previous blog, I even wrote about how this difference was oftentimes very isolating and lonely for me, which made me feel like I was an alien from another planet or not meant to exist. 2,712 more words


Summer 2015 Is Now Here!

Hello good madams and kind sirs!

If you have been waiting for me to post something because my holidays have clearly begun, I apologize. And also because this will the last post I post here for some time. 138 more words


This mom is heading back to school

I kept saying it and saying it. I need my bachelors, then i got pregnant again and freaked out and didnt register for classes. Well after being home since October and getting my passion back and seeing jobs i qualify for with the only thing missing being my bachelors im def going back. 80 more words