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Sweet Sound of Laughter

Skills program Day 24 – A quiet school day without calls or emails. Ben is in good spirits. No chewing today, no hood. He is still apprehensive  about going to friend’s houses, preferring to play at home. 290 more words


The Gigantes change over time in Greek Myth. The early tradition holds that the Giants, who fought the Olympian gods for supremacy, were the “earthborn” children of Gaia and Uranus. 110 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

What does cutting my dreadlocks have to do with Aspergers?


What does cutting my dreadlocks have to do with Aspergers? The answer goes to the heart of my most successful coping strategy. 104 more words

A well overdue return.

Hello all! Yes I am back!

Over the next few posts I shall explain what I have been up to, why I have been off the blog for so long and all that good shizzle and jazz! 26 more words

What do you mean Barbara isn't autistic enough for an IEP?!?! or The reevaluation of an Aspy (Part 1)

Ah the three-year reevaluation.  What a wonderful time to celebrate growth, discuss new challenges, and to take an overall deeper look at your child’s special education services.   1,322 more words

My Attitude #2

Recently I was interested to note that a post called ‘My Attitude‘ is one of the most popular on my blog.  I couldn’t quite remember what it was about so I’ve re-read it and thought I would reflect on where I am now.   684 more words

Home Education

My Friend Autism: "Inside the Aspie Brain"

Yesterday, a good friend linked me to this post. It’s written by Reddit user DA-9901081534. Tricky username, but I can very much relate to his intent in writing his post. 2,030 more words