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Do I know how to tell time?

Yes I can tell what time is it. I don’t understand hours and I don’t know a little to tell by the minutes of a clock. 50 more words


Every two years or so I reread the Iliad and alternately, the Odyssey, a habit I resumed this winter: what better way to triumph over cabin fever? 646 more words


The World Doesnt Start Without Me

“Like I always said, the world doesn’t start without me.” That’s my son. He always has something interesting to say. Maybe his world doesn’t start without him or maybe he meant that the world does start without him.   226 more words

Face Blindness - insight is a two way street

Before I knew I had face blindness I just assumed I was very bad a remembering most people’s names. An exception to this was the children in classes that I taught. 1,161 more words


10 Things People Do that I really Freaking Hate ( or just really don't like ).

Disclaimer : Contains swear words. Sorry about that.

Alright let’s be real. There’s a ton of annoying sh-t that people do that they really need to just STOP. 1,225 more words


D's knees.

Anyone who has read my ramblings for a while might remember that this time last year, D was in hospital having plates fitted to his knees. 1,133 more words

Day 57 - 2.5 miles (236.32 miles total) #runstreak #autism #earthathon

Today started the improvement of Carson’s diet.  I started with a breakfast buffet for Carson to give him some better choices.  I laid out bacon, french toast, oatmeal, cinnamon raisin bread, grapes, multivitamin, probiotic, and his medication.   519 more words