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My brilliant friends also have Aspergers

Aspergers another form of autism is not well understood. Because people with Aspergers can have trouble communicating they can be assumed to be unintelligent and strange. 238 more words

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I had a bad day.

Shameless self pity alert. If you hate negative posts, don’t read this.

I barely even replied to my comments today, so if I didn’t reply to yours, don’t take it personally. 1,042 more words

Aspergers Syndrome

Day #177 - You are driving me NUTS!!!

It’s true.  There are moments that I seriously think I may lose it.  Totally and completely.  That is real living on the spectrum (or let’s be honest…parenting). 1,080 more words

I am not my job

It is slowly dawning on me that I have a seriously hard time playing along with what society is currently saying life has to be. I don’t buy it. 522 more words

Aspergers Syndrome

Why You Shouldn't Self Diagnose

Before we begin the journey about Asperger’s, I want to bring up the dangers of self diagnosing. Recently, there have been an increasingly amount of young people who self diagnose themselves with a disorder. 270 more words

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It's Not That I Can't Hear You

Throughout my entire life, people have been frustrated on account of me, believing that I don’t hear them and call into question my hearing ability. Let me say that my hearing’s fine, in spite of over three decades of listening to hard rock and heavy metal music. 524 more words

Day #176 - 50 Pieces of Sibling Advice

If your family has just received an autism diagnosis – here are some very real pieces of advice from Estelle and Gavin, two ‘autism siblings.’ 938 more words