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Friends - The best gifts of my life

In my previous post (which was in August of last year), I talked in detail about the problems I have with being more social and staying connected with friends. 1,199 more words


My Toolbox:

There are many great tools to help a child or young adult with navigating social interactions. These are the ones I feel most comfortable using. The top 4 I use just about every day!  181 more words

Day #260 - It's The End of the Year...

…and we know it.

For the past week or so I’ve had this R.E.M. tune in my head to these alternate lyrics.

For the past two weeks we’ve been managing the end of the year. 861 more words


i study him without him knowing that i am studying him. Or at least i hope. The way he hardly speaks or speaks non-stop, never makes eye contact. 450 more words

Breathing Room/Mindfulness

Poetry Get's You Through

Today I got my first tattoo! And since that tattoo is a puzzle piece (the internationally recognised symbol for autism) I thought I’d celebrate with a brandy and a spontaneous blog article. 490 more words


And breathe.......

Finally, we can now breathe. Alastair has received his official diagnosis and is 100% sitting firmly on the Autistic Spectrum. We have absolute clarity as to why our darling little sausage is a fruit loop. 477 more words


Aspergers and understanding the condition – society still has much to learn

I would like to start off this particular blog by acknowledging the kind-hearted comments and backing that I have received thus far on my previous work. 931 more words