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The Evan Makeba Podcast; Fox Spots - Episode 9

It’s a mother fucking race against time as I try to find a guest to chat about WWE Tough Enough. Meanwhile, where’s all the japanese women wrestlers at? 108 more words

Day #294 - I Don't Know

I don’t know.

I’m not afraid to admit it.

I don’t know.

I don’t know what it’s like to be Tucker.
I often don’t know what to do… 634 more words

Day #293 - Bribery

22 Year Old Me:  I will NEVER bribe my children.

I have a problem with saying never.

Every time I say never – I end up doing that very thing. 845 more words

Ode to Mary

I don’t mind Diva personalities, so long as the Diva knows her boundaries of propriety. I am all for drama with flourish, poise and elegance. My own parallel existence in this neurotypical dominated world hinges a lot on performativity anyway. 406 more words


Baby Steps

When I was travelling through the wilderness of New Zealand I developed a simple mantra: step, step, step. Soaked to the skin in never-ending rain, tramping uphill towards a mountain pass that didn’t get any closer, with nothing but a cold cabin & faulty gas burner waiting for me, it was too much to think of the end goal. 384 more words

Should I Come Forward?

I haven’t been on this site in a long time, because a part of me has been debating something, and I needed time to think: Should I come forward? 921 more words


Long Time...

Yeah…so I haven’t posted anything in a long, long time, which, honestly, I am sorry about. My life got sort of busy (as everyone’s does at some point) and I just didn’t have any time at all to do anything other than study, play softball, and work (yes, I know, my life is so exciting). 750 more words

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