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Burgundy wine with Saint Laurent

Like a fine Burgundy wine, we become better with age. I often think what I would teach my children (if I eventually have any), and one of those things would be that they don’t need to be afraid of getting older. 234 more words


A Chilled Day

The other day I had such a wonderful lazy, self-indulgent day. I went and got my hair done and then I popped to the shops for some retail therapy. 68 more words


Doing Denim The Right Way

Denim has been a staple in many women’s wardrobes for… a long time, frankly. It’s seen as a play-safe, basic item which is retreated to for comfort and security. 891 more words


Wear, Tweak & Repeat: ASOS x Method Drops Dry Cleaner Free Clothing Line

“Wear, Tweak, and Repeat.” Ladies dial up your credit card company now and tell them there is no need to be suspicious or put a hold on the plastic. 243 more words


We Only Regret the Things We Don't Buy...👠

And isn’t that just true. Well not that I’d actually really know because it’s only recently I’ve actually starting to curb my spending. Two years ago even if I only kinda liked something I’d buy it. 212 more words