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to the damn checkout woman

who slam-dunked my fruit and eggs
into the stretched-thin plastic bags
with not a trace of malice
or indeed any expression at all–


tonight we have an ASIDE from Sandra (whose Twitter is @Miss_Tiffer), and even though she admits she isn’t much of a writer, I personally  think she should write more. 351 more words

Lens Blur

At table with 5 Jesuits:

Fr. Mario Francisco sings:

“Drink the beer until you’re done,

Coz in heaven, there is none.”

Fr. Ben Nebres:

“Oh, but there is San Miguel.”


Joblessness: Before You Cry Wolf

Let’s face it. Joblessness is a monster you dread a lot. While the degree of sleeplessness it causes may differ from one person to the other and from country to country, governments’ policies no doubt have its own fair share of the blame. 87 more words


Day 1. The start of UEC

Góðan daginn.  Today is the first day of the trip!  The past couple of months have been a breeze.  It’s just flowed up to today, and I’m feeling excited to hop on the plane and meet my travel buddies, and triumphant that the time and energy put towards this goal is happening. 287 more words


In times of extreme heat, showers are futile; what’s the point of taking one when right after you’re done drying yourself off, you’re all covered in sweat again? 133 more words


Here’s a freelance story I did on Nathan Suyematsu, a multi-sport athlete who is currently playing for the Newark Pilots of the PGCBL.

And… 25 more words