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Stef wrestles with the text (anyone can)

To justify the way I rough and tumble with the readings and refuse to submit to them I thought I would write a very short extra post that I can simply link to when I do it instead of constantly re-explaining. 43 more words


Reclaiming Darkness


Forgive me readers for posting this extra post just before I add my struggles with this week’s readings. It was in my head and I thought I would get it out. 1,428 more words

About Me

In essence, Wishmaster is the perfect guy: he’s got a great sense of humour and always does what he says he will. Too bad for him he keeps falling for the wrong girls. 285 more words


In the annoying leeway between productive work and – ahem! – politely waiting for someone to fix the server so that the former is possible, I noticed three things: 71 more words


I’m too tired and too frustrated and too distracted and too unmotivated and too wary and too afraid to even attempt writing a decent blog tonight. 33 more words



The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

– Ferdinand Foch

I found this quote from Brainy Quotes while preparing a wedding homily today.

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Pope Francis