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What a fatal night! One year ago on this very night that just passed I was taken by whatever was in the wind to your house – the house of my love to come. 741 more words


Positive temperature is for the weak and the remedies

It’s been four years since I moved to Canada, but the length and depth (and width) of winter still got me. As the old saying goes, for every other season, there is a winter. 360 more words


Expecting everything

I used to think that the strongest bonds in the world were sisterhood, mother and child, marriage and best friends.  Now I have largely abandoned this idea because as we know sometimes we cannot experience bonds … all or any of these for whatever reason all the time and not all of us were meant to experience them..all or any.   291 more words

My Thoughts Exactly...

Girls' five sexiest instants v.s. Guys'


1 Just after shower, with water dripping off her hair.

2 When she is looking at you adoringly.

3 Crossing her arms in front of her chest. 40 more words


Long day? Short day? 

So I’m on set today on Once Upon a time. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and of course, I also talked to other backgrounds. 225 more words


Spikier and spikier -- living in a dream

Rumors are that there coexist three type of magic players: spiky, Timmy/Tammy, and Jani,

I began the journey of getting stuck of the abyss of attractive potential of this game as yet the other type: “the thing I do for love” (as I would prefer to tag along to the tournament instead of staying at home alone.) and the type that just like to open packs (It is definitely a kind of lottery… but at least I get the enjoyment of playing with what I pull for quite some time). 449 more words

The Story Of Our Lives