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Best thing I've Heard This Week

All fear knows how to say is ‘no’.

Perhaps some fear we feel could be, at its core, a pull towards a ‘yes’?

Ashton Gustafson

More, Fewer, Better.

More simple.

More human.

Fewer dots, egos, and buttons.

Better experience.

Works well with our lives, relationships, and business.

Ashton Gustafson

Everything teaches us.

What’s that one thing that’s been trying to get your attention as of late?

It won’t bother you if you will be its student.

Ashton Gustafson

Open and Shut.

Also known as gratitude and cynicism.


Ashton Gustafson


Our biggest fears are connected to the things we’ve made up or invented about the character we’re portraying in our stories.

In other words, our biggest fears are tied to our costumes. 72 more words

Ashton Gustafson

I don't know. Let's figure it out.

Therein lies the formula of leadership today.

That roundabout place where humility says, together, let’s hold hands and figure it out.

We can all use more “let’s” in our lives. 9 more words

Ashton Gustafson


Your life will change when you tell others how they’ve changed you.



Ashton Gustafson