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Now That It's Out

Now that the two most shameful parts of me are out in the open, hopefully this will still feel like a safe place to be myself. 104 more words

All I could do..

My Gurl asked me
To stop writing
Put an end to this nuisance
Stop dreaming that people
Care for the words I write
And all I could do… 16 more words


Feeling Alone Tonight

I’m feeling pretty alone tonight. It’s pitiful, considering my husband is in the next room. He has no idea and I have no idea how to explain it to him. 197 more words

Playing Pretend

Do you remember playing make-believe? All of your friends crowd around your bedroom and you all start shouting at once: “I want to be a dancer! 602 more words

Hakim Rezgui Father of Tunisian Gunman Seifeddine Rezgui Shocked and Ashamed of Son's Actions

The Guardian — Hakim Rezgui says when he first heard news that his son had killed 38 tourists he could not comprehend it, and that he has no idea who had radicalised him… 116 more words


what's the point?

The past few weeks have been extremely hard.

With Joe losing his job and me not having one, I try not to even think about it… 212 more words


People should stop feeling ashamed of opening up.

I know when I stop at that, one will be tempted to ask, but why should one not feel ashamed in it is shameful? 648 more words