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Islands Grow and Dollars Shirk

So much going on in the world today, isn’t there?

This specific topic of three catching my interest today: China is ambitious. Hardly new information, there, but the particular way China is ambitious lately is geopolitically important. 334 more words


Critique on “The ASEAN Regional Forum and Preventive Diplomacy: A Failure in Practice”

The ASEAN Regional Forum and Preventive Diplomacy: A Failure in Practice by Ralf Emmers and See Seng Tan

In the article “The ASEAN Regional Forum and Preventive Diplomacy: A Failure in Practice”, the author accessed the definition of Preventive Diplomacy (PD) and its practices, followed the history of ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) and the role of PD in its activities and explores the reasons for why ARF has failed to advance toward the preventive diplomacy practices in its affairs. 1,603 more words

Critiques On Published Articles

East Asian maritime security through better understanding

The Jakarta Post (This is an “Advertorial”)

The fundamental challenge for all East Asian countries is to ensure that peace and prosperity, which have characterized the region over the last four decades, continue to be the defining characteristics of the region. 957 more words

How safe are South East Asian airlines?

2014 was a terrible year for aviation in South East Asia, with three fatal crashes involving Malaysian-owned carriers, and a combined loss of 699 lives. Not surprisingly, concern has increased about safety standards, particularly in light of how congested the skies have become over the region. 1,134 more words

Commentary: Philippines gives Sabah to win Malaysia's support for UN case against China

It’s easy to say that Sabah is part of the Philippines and the government has inked a sell-out deal, but I think we should also ask the people of Sabah if they consider themselves Filipinos and if they want to be part of our country. 115 more words

Research And Development

Increased Awareness about the Draft Investment law, Consultation, the Environment and Human rights

Civil society in Myanmar is quickly becoming interested in the connection between the proposed draft investment law and the regulatory ability of states to protect, promote and fulfil human rights and protect the environment. 285 more words

Lee Kuan Yew was sui generis

March 29, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew was sui generis

by Terence Netto@www.malaysiakini.com

Asia’s generation of independence-gaining leaders knew little or nothing of how to get the economies of their countries going. 951 more words