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A Thank-you Letter

Dear lady who works in the wine shop:

I’m the mom who collapsed outside your storefront in downtown Ventura today and broke down in tears. Thank you for doing your best not to gawk at me. 808 more words

Trust your instinct 

How did Aysha spend 16 years of her life undiagnosed?

Aysha sat up late, walked late, learned to read late and still finds many motor skills challenging. 673 more words


Curiosity killed the aspie

First I thought that the reason why I got so bored with people was that I am born under the stars of Gemini. I am curious about all things possible and if people do not share that interest with me they just simply bore me. 1,271 more words

My Little Aspie

Day 107 - 7 miles (447.57 total) #aspergers #runstreak

Carson is crazy again tonight.  It’s storming again and he doesn’t handle that well.  There are a lot of things I can handle about raising an Autistic child.   745 more words

To the woman on the helpline

I called you today in desperation.

Yes, I am stressed and sadly you got to witness that in all it’s glory. Thankfully we will (hopefully) never meet. 880 more words

University Time

Hello Readers

As the title suggests I have been very busy with planning to go to University! Yes that’s right, I want to study for five years, for a huge amount of debt! 408 more words