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Day 57 - 2.5 miles (236.32 miles total) #runstreak #autism #earthathon

Today started the improvement of Carson’s diet.  I started with a breakfast buffet for Carson to give him some better choices.  I laid out bacon, french toast, oatmeal, cinnamon raisin bread, grapes, multivitamin, probiotic, and his medication.   519 more words

Interactive Autism Tablets have Tremendous Potential

In working with not only my one children with ASD but seeing the advancements by others who use these applications, It seems like a “NO BRAINER” to get these tablets into the hands of every child with ASD as early as possible. 108 more words

Blasts from the Past

Awesome!! Learning happens everywhere. Education is in everything. Always capturing the moment. Visit loorducation on http://www.facebook.com/loorducation and all over social media @loorducation See what we are up to!!!


Paint Me a Picture

One day after school, I had a table set up for JJ. It was covered in newspapers. There were all types of papers to paint on set up. 79 more words

Genotype to phenotype relationships in autism spectrum disorders : Nature Neuroscience : Nature Publishing Group

Genotype to phenotype relationships in ASD http://www.nature.com/neuro/journal/v18/n2/abs/nn.3907.html Expression differences in #brain development for LOF-containing, M v F, &c

Also, netbag finds subnets assoc w autism


Vitamin D & ASD: A Connection?

In the past few months, I have seen this question come up again: “What role do vitamins and other supplements play in ASD?” Most recently, the spotlight has been on Vitamin D. 326 more words

Autism Myth of the Week - Week 1

Most people, except maybe for those living under a rock somewhere, know about autism, but unfortunately a lot of what people think they know is just wrong. 551 more words