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Through the Gateway

Through the gateway of the Old and into the New we are.

Vivid dreams of transit, departure, honing and balance foresight.

Agitation/anger of anticipation and sadness/grief of loss. 99 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Current Energetics- No Pass Zone Complete

Lines in the sand more determinant, fortified, and distinguished between Old world Paradigm and New.

Faintest of remnant energetic abilities or infrastructure to maintain or traverse this range (3d old world to New) is at all time minimal..blending phases (where we cycled back into lower fields to assist and hold access (through our gates of Being) ) has completed???…feels so, as if we can no longer compromise our selves, new paths must be ignited as we are complete. 330 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Beyond the gates of Love n Light

There exists dimensional frequency ranges where collective consciousness holograms express as a paradigm called Love n Light. Within the New Age collective this paradigm serves to maintain a specific bandwidth and those whom partake within set space align to the fundamental belief that all is Love n Light and to just turn a blind eye to the existence of Shadow. 346 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Infinite Ascension Dynamics

If we are infinite Beings(fundamental frequency of Source expression) expressing through infinite arrangement and thus creating and co-creating infinite realities simultaneously how do we apply this concept to the process of ascension? 462 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Rain Falls of Disconnect

Calling in and no one seems to be home enter the spheres of disconnect, the integral phases of process where we are purposefully tuned out in order assimilate grander patterns and processes. 198 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Current energetics Final Landing of the Forerunners

Posed within the new moon energies  and the March  astrology opening up deep hidden areas where our most prevalent recent and ancient wounds exist.

Much is occurring as we, the forerunners, are finally grounding into or actualizing the new energies…space has been created and new paths are igniting. 479 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Balancing Being Source to Ground

The Being is composed of infinite aspects or degrees of  composition which refine  the original spark of existence and express into myriads of frequency variances within expression. 432 more words

Ascension Awakening Process