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Enter the Storm

Self containment is the realization of who you are and what you require and releasing out that which is not a match. Making the active choice to contain the aspects of self that comprise the personality construct and that which shines from within. 228 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Mercury Breaking Ground

Energetics for current period are as the astrology is presenting.

Mercury is liquid silver flowing under the ground and breaking

the dense surface of our life expression. 183 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Mastering the Kaleidoscope of Fractalization

That which is seen and known is a reflection of Being, dispersed into mirror balls of fractal semblance. All which you see in your world and environment is your creation and the compounding of collective fields beyond your own personal expression. 209 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Artificial Mother

An observation and detection of a deep-seated repulsion against the Mother (Earth, Biological ) – which is not organic to the true nature of Being – is the indication of the Orion construct’s embedding within a psyche. 717 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Ethereal Matrix

So it is here. Can you feel it? There has been a most significant energetic establishment, resulting in the complete connection of ascendant souls to a new energetic infrastructure! 295 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Through the Gateway

Through the gateway of the Old and into the New we are.

Vivid dreams of transit, departure, honing and balance foresight.

Agitation/anger of anticipation and sadness/grief of loss. 99 more words

Ascension Awakening Process

Current Energetics- No Pass Zone Complete

Lines in the sand more determinant, fortified, and distinguished between Old world Paradigm and New.

Faintest of remnant energetic abilities or infrastructure to maintain or traverse this range (3d old world to New) is at all time minimal..blending phases (where we cycled back into lower fields to assist and hold access (through our gates of Being) ) has completed???…feels so, as if we can no longer compromise our selves, new paths must be ignited as we are complete. 330 more words

Ascension Awakening Process