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I am that nut

Typing a post to publish doesn’t come easily when I don’t run. Maintaining a detailed log however happens almost religiously. The log has moved from a quantitative format to a more subjective one as I pay attention to the movements of the mind as well.  303 more words


Untying The Knots That Bind Us

The Sanskrit word granthi means “knot” or “doubt” and also means “an especially difficult knot to untie.” People in India wearing a sari or dhoti… 616 more words


Finding Balance Within Your Practice

The art of finding harmony and balance in our lives is the hardest to master; whether it be relationships, health, work or leisure, our lives are a continuous balancing act. 999 more words


Anatomy in Yoga

An excerpt from the Yogacara Yoga Teacher Training Manual by Emily Kane

An understanding of anatomy is key for the safety and development of your students. 317 more words


Roll Call: Best Apps for Your Small Business

Tyngu– The E Learning Experts

It’s a tech age in which plenty of small businesses are developing the types of apps that add rocket fuel to our personal and professional lives, but where do businesses turn to when they need some rocket fuel of their own? 686 more words


Bandha Triyam with Bāhya kumbhaka

Asana: Bandha Triyam: mulabandha, uddhiyana bandha, jalandhara bandha

Bāhya kumbhaka: exhalation retention

Stand with your feet hip width apart, sturdy in your feet.

Inhale arms… 152 more words