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#GetYourOmBack Day 3 & 4 / Random Gibberish

I kinda forgot to update my blog with how I am doing on the challenge. Here’s a hint: I’m still doing it! It’s on day 5 now which I have yet to complete because I just woke up. 64 more words


The Beginning

Hey guys!!

My name is Amanda and I have somewhat recently began my embarkment on the yoga journey!

I have always been very into yoga and very appreciative of all the benefits it has to offer us mentally, physically, spiritually, etc. 116 more words


What is yoga?

I can go on for hours about this but in this post I will only give you a general idea about it. The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit term “Yuj” which means ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’. 486 more words


Injury and Golden Rule.

This is the, or should be the biggest topic in Asana dialogue or maybe in all of yoga. My first expression must be one of warning. 415 more words


your Friday asana!

Adho mukha svanasana!  Downward facing dog.  Sometimes I just want to hang out, hang my head low, and let it all go.  Sometimes I have to drag myself to the mat, and all I can manage is a down dog.   31 more words



I love backbends, they are a great part of my daily practice and not a single practice day goes by without me doing the Standing Backbend Pose. 314 more words


How I learned to do King Cobra pose 15 years ago

Back in 4th Grade, when I was just a little ankle biter who had no idea what Yoga was, in fact, hadn’t even heard the term, I learned to do King Cobra pose. 334 more words