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#FBF My Comrade's Quote

All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood-Rainer Maria Rilke

Hello all! Quick post because I love you all (ha ha as if people read this!) and I need to get back to work on my Spring Into Art piece. 67 more words

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#FBF Lynchian

The whole world is wild at heart and weird on top-David Lynch

Hullo all!! Just a quickie today. On a side note Quickie is wheelchair name brand and for some reason people just laugh and laugh when they notice, ugh immature…well actually it makes me giggle too. 94 more words

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Fabulous Bear

“A man screaming is not a dancing bear. Life is not a spectacle_-Aime Cesaire

“Be cautious of bears at all times, even when being mauled by a tiger.” 163 more words

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#FBF Der Wolf

“A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf.” George R.R. Martin

Happy 1st week of March! 217 more words

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Kurt Vonnegut And Mr. Spock

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt-Kurt Vonnegut

First of all, this happened today: http://www.cinemablend.com/television/Star-Trek-Leonard-Nimoy-Dead-83-70326.html

Which sucked for us sci-fi aficionados. I’ll be honest, while I’m not a Star Trek fan, I am a Leonard Nimoy fan. 174 more words

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Chirp, You Say?

Whenever I hear the sparrow chirping, watch the woodpecker chirp, catch a chirping trout, or listen to the sad howl of the chirp rat, I think: Oh boy! 31 more words

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Black, White, And Read All Over

What is black and white and red all over? A newspaper-old joke

All righty this was a submission for last year’s Spring Into Art. Which speaking of I’ve got to get on the ball about a new piece for this year’s! 380 more words

Artwork Here