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Wendy's new look

I redesign Wendy! I write some information her later :)

art/design/character(c) @Creativenia15


Human Sketches

Some sketches of Todd from Human Warrior.

art and character(c)me

Note: Don’t steal,copy, or claim this as your own.


Tia’s new look

I changed Tia’s hair and outfit. She’ll appear in Human Warrior

Ask the characters questions- http://waterandfirekingdom.wordpress.com/2014/11/01/ask-us/

art and character © me

Note: Don’t steal,copy,or use without permission. 10 more words



Decided to do another picture of Flash. He’s once was a cheetah,but I redesign as a fennec fox.

Gender: Boy

Species: Fennec fox

Live: Thunder Kingdom(formerly) 96 more words


The Villains

My favorite villains and featuring Flash’s new design. Happy Early Halloween 2014

Other blog- elementsofthesixkigndoms.wordpress.com

art and characters(c)me


Saber Tooth Mountain Lions

That’s the second picture this week. Since WaterBlaze and Sabre Tooth Mountain Lions story is almost to over lets(it has 2 chapter left) about the Saber Tooth Mountain Lion. 177 more words