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Sing ho, for the life of a student scribe

The first Aughrim Scriptorium was small but lovely and I learned lots, most usefully to really look at what is happening with colour applications in a medieval painting – I’m currently working on some example initials that I’ll illustrate this point with in my next post.   274 more words

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Downton Abbey

This may be the last season for Downton Abbey.  Actually I felt they should have killed it off two years ago.  There is something about period series that become stiff and mundane, what had been a good idea dies the death of a common soap opera.   1,214 more words

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Writing As A Way Of Life

I must confess that I feel writing a thousand words is not particularly satisfying.  The more I write the more I want to write.  I remember when I was driving truck, one of those experiences I do not recommend, the man who was my one the road instructor told me that he had always dreamed of driving sine he was a child.   1,025 more words

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I Do Believe It's All Happening At The Zoo

Simon and Garfunkel gave us a take on the reality of life back about 1967 with this particular recording.  Sure, it was a fanciful look at zoology but I think it mirrored out news sources and daily events.   1,020 more words

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Writing About Writing

I must confess, I do like to write about writing on occasion.  In a way, it is talking about talking.  It is a discussion about communicating with other individuals.   990 more words


Northern Region War Camp has New Site and Reservations Process

Greetings unto the populace of the East Kingdom. The Shire of Glenn Linn would like to extend an invitation to attend Northern Region War Camp, July 2-5, 2015… 181 more words


A Heart to Heart Conversation on Empathy

March 24, 2014

Ever since I heard Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, a Nobel Laureate in the field of Genetics, describe how his heart skipped a beat at the very moment of his discovery, my heart has been telling me that there is more to what took place at that split-second than what meets the eye. 838 more words