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Texture Tuesday 31.March.2015

For this Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen I have gone back in time to before I was born. My future mother came to the United States from Finland in 1914. 321 more words


30 Days #20

Unyanyanya unyanyanya unyanyanya
Unyanya unyanya unya unya yo~~


^it’s not the part of this post actually just kind of addicted to that cute song from Nyaakb with Tsuchinoko panda~ wo mikata shite #okstop… 143 more words


Beauty Look: White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is a fresh and modern take on an old classic. You heard that before? It’s super easy to wear and perfect for days and nights. 294 more words


30 Days #19

I just recognized it today when I look at my old photos…

So… Until recently, I still had this problem with my face’s skin…

(*the photo was taken at Jak-Japan Matsuri 2014) 133 more words


30 Days #18

Yeaaah… I had a photoshoot today…

It was so fun… But now I feel Soooo tired…
I use kind of heavy make up… But you know the great news about my face skin after I removed the make up… … 21 more words