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Chronicles in Ordinary Time 73: Altruism

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy this afternoon; amusing, but I’m getting tired of ‘comic book’ movies, aka ‘collateral damage’ movies. Movies whose most prominent feature is the property damage that occurs during the battles between the good guys and the bad guys. 574 more words


Chronicles in Ordinary Time: Non-sequitur

Why does one blog… I write as a somewhat therapeutic aid to living with a broken body in a broken world. Therapists frequently suggest ‘journaling’ as a way to deal with one’s inner world. 294 more words


Chronicles in Ordinary Time 67: The Miraculous

Today is my sister’s 27th birthday. Birthday 2.0.

I’m not sure why I’m feeling compelled to make a bigger deal about this birthday 2.0, more than any of the others. 1,202 more words


Chronicles in Ordinary Time 54: “Souls on Board”

No one talks about souls anymore. Like all generalizations, this one is to some degree inaccurate. Passenger carriers—ships, airlines, etc.—still use the term to describe numbers of people on board; surprisingly, a Google search doesn’t really provide answers as to why. 827 more words