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Arte de Papel Reciclaje

These are jewelry items made out of recycled paper. An incredibly tedious process that takes a great deal of patience, time, careful construction, aesthetics, design. The end result is a beautiful work of art made in an environmentally-friendly way, transforming items that would otherwise end up in waste bins and trash dumps into stunning wearable items. 133 more words


Who Were the Artisans? Mining Material Culture

Dr. Susan W. Knowles, Digital Humanities Research Fellow, Center for Historic Preservation

When I first began my research on the Tennessee marble industry, I was engaged primarily in architectural history. 656 more words

Fun in the Sun(day) : Food Truck Summer Fest

It’s Sunday again. I bet you’re all thrilled that Monday is once again upon us. I’m kidding, Monday is hated by everyone in equal measure. 573 more words


Poetry in Print: Jaypore's Nouveau Take on Traditional Block-Printing

In the Chippa Mohalla (printer’s quarter) in Bagru, Rajasthan, close to the colorful city of Jaipur in western India, groups of artisans are engrossed in a craft that is nearly three centuries old. 447 more words



There are so many ways we can name a “rebozo.” It is known as Perrajes, Tzutes. and Chales (Shawls). This ubiquitous garment was introduced by the Spaniards in the 1600´s . 180 more words

Here’s Which Myers-Briggs Type You’re Most Likely To Mistype As


Most likely to mistype as: ENFJ

Why the mistype happens: Extroverted feeling feeds off the emotions of others, which means that INFJs require a great deal of social time in order to remain emotionally stable. 3,724 more words