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Building Gods Documentary - Transhumanism Artificial intelligence and nanotechnology

Building Gods Documentary – Transhumanism, Artificial intelligence and nanotechnology

This film by Ken Gumbs tackles the issue of pending greater-than-human artificial intelligence and the possible ramifications. Different individuals with different backgrounds…

Food News-Trix Colors

About a week ago, General Mills (GM) announced they would drop their artificial dyes in Trix cereal. GM says their ultimate goal is to phase out artificial ingredients by the end of 2017. 171 more words


Robot Death

Picture the scene – – the year is roughly 2075, scientists and engineers are gathered in a huge theatre building. They’re on the stage and they’re getting ready to ‘switch on’ the first ever humanoid robot. 353 more words

General Mills Removing Artificial Flavors & Colors From Cereal

Cereal will Get A Major Overhaul At General Mills With The Removal Of Artificial Flavors/Colors.

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General Mills to Remove Artificial Flavors and Colors from Cereal

General Mills Cereals announced earlier today that it has committed the brand to removing artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources from the rest of its cereal products. 567 more words


Born Happy

Often, I find myself staring at my toddler daughter…She laughs, she jumps, she sings and dances for herself, she laughs again and jumps, she sings, she laughs… Her eyes are glowing, and her face is being flooded by total joy and infinite serenity.   72 more words


"Weird Science"

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction; the world will have a generation of idiots” -Albert Einstein

‘We’ll make history,’ they say, but… 125 more words