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Ways to Describe this Crappy Feeling

Don’t be confused.

Being depressed isn’t “oh, I didn’t get this” or “That person doesn’t like me…” or even “my *insert celebrity crush name* doesn’t know of my existence D:”. 529 more words

Machine learning: basics

Machine learning is the study dedicated to learning algorithms. Using these algorithms, a model can be trained. There is much to say about machine learning algorithms. 923 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Hiatus and a Poem

Hey all,

Things have been crazy lately. Busy busy busy, so many things on my mind. Well, I’m back. Hopefully things will be a bit more regular now (but don’t count on it)! 126 more words

Post On Sundays (It Exists)

Concerns on AI: Who and Why?


(500 words)

Quite frankly, the development of AI is horrifying. Not because I am completely opposed to the very concept of an AI itself (and I am most certainly not), but because I have two questions that are highly concerning to me. 477 more words

Non Classé

The Behind-The-Scenes Marketing Tricks That Make Food Irresistible (Hint: You Can’t See It!)

The Behind-The-Scenes Marketing Tricks That Make Food Irresistible (Hint: You Can’t See It!)
By Food Babe


There’s a somewhat insidious form of marketing that you may not be aware of that’s being used everyday in restaurants, hotels and retail stores. 2,214 more words


Diet = balance, nutritionist says

Processed foods fill you up, but they don’t measure up to body’s needs

By: Leila Nasser

With more than one-third of the adult population considered in the  583 more words


Nestle Drops Artificial Colors and Flavors – But Still Wants to Own the Water

Source: Natural Society, by Mike Barrett

In what I’d consider a tactically-influenced move, mega-food corporation Nestle has recently announced that it would phase out artificial flavors and colors from some of its candy bars by 2015. 228 more words