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Trying some 3D stuff

So i decided to learn some 3D stuff. So I started with Blender 3D mostly because it’s open source. So after a few hours of going through some videos and messing with it I came up with a simple render. 87 more words

What is Oxygen and the Oxygen Cycle.

What is Oxygen?

  • colorless, odorless reactive gas
  • element of the periodic table
  • needed by animals to make energy
  • 1%  of available oxygen present in the atmosphere…
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Photo Monday: Redbud Festival 2015

My town has a ton of festivals in the spring.  Instead of an Arbor Day Festival we host a Redbud Festival, since we are the Redbud Capitol…. 45 more words

Non Traditional Voices - Jordan Thomas

A: Can you say your full name.

Jordan Thomas

A: What is your job or what do you do?

J: I work for the Flower Garden which is a flower shop in Denton. 1,153 more words

Catching Up

Well the pass two weeks have been a crazy roller coaster of a time with a new job, taxes and big decisions… not that you care.  115 more words

Great American Cleanup 2015

I think ya’ll can take a guess as to what this event is, but hey maybe you are an international reader or just finished a 10 year tour of the South Pacific Isles.    69 more words

What is Carbon and the Carbon Cycle

Carbon is a macro nutrient found in just about everything you can image. Trees, bones, the air we breathe, the soil beneath our feet, its probably in the very shoes you are wearing.  850 more words