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On the London protests

So, even accepting the premise that trying to rouse pressure for Proportional Representation wasn’t clearly the issue for a proportion of the protestors yesterday, this is why I think attempting to delegitimise the protests against the Conservative government (even this early on) is wrong. 363 more words

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Trying some 3D stuff

So i decided to learn some 3D stuff. So I started with Blender 3D mostly because it’s open source. So after a few hours of going through some videos and messing with it I came up with a simple render. 87 more words

What is Oxygen and the Oxygen Cycle.

What is Oxygen?

  • colorless, odorless reactive gas
  • element of the periodic table
  • needed by animals to make energy
  • 1%  of available oxygen present in the atmosphere…
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Photo Monday: Redbud Festival 2015

My town has a ton of festivals in the spring.  Instead of an Arbor Day Festival we host a Redbud Festival, since we are the Redbud Capitol…. 45 more words

Non Traditional Voices - Jordan Thomas

A: Can you say your full name.

Jordan Thomas

A: What is your job or what do you do?

J: I work for the Flower Garden which is a flower shop in Denton. 1,153 more words

Catching Up

Well the pass two weeks have been a crazy roller coaster of a time with a new job, taxes and big decisions… not that you care.  115 more words

Great American Cleanup 2015

I think ya’ll can take a guess as to what this event is, but hey maybe you are an international reader or just finished a 10 year tour of the South Pacific Isles.    69 more words