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Six Guidelines on How to Interpret Scientific Information…From the Viewpoint of an Anti-Vaxxerlie

The “Immunizations Must Be Evil Considering I Loathe Evidence” study group, aka IMBECILE, a mouthpiece for the anti-vaccination movement, has debuted a new set of guidelines meant to help consumers better categorize and understand the growing body of information available regarding the safety, or lack thereof, of vaccines. 1,166 more words


"How A Victorian Mathematician Suspected The Existence of Angels" by Smarika Kumar

I know I am enjoying a piece of writing when it produces images in my head. The sharper the images are, the better the writing is and the longer I can retain it. 624 more words


"What real men want" 

McCoy Crisps have ticked me off. You’ve read that and your probably thinking this is just an online rant but stick with me. You may have caught the advert on telly between any sports program. 326 more words

Hundreds Dead as 7.9-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Nepal

A powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale struck central Nepal on Saturday morning, damaging buildings in the country’s capital, Kathmandu, and sending tremors across northern India, Bangladesh and as far afield as Pakistan. 312 more words

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[LIST] K-Pop Idols who Debuted at a Young Age

K-Pop Idols who Debuted at a Young Age
• f(Sulli, Krystal) – 16 years/old

Credit: Instiz
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"A few random reflections on ideas around form" by Bharat Ravikumar

Of late i find myself veering increasingly towards the idea of ‘form’. And form as artifice, as a writer’s attempt to cohere and sheathe a work of art. 393 more words

Bharat Ravikumar