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If I Were a Book Character I Would Be...

World Book Day is tomorrow and it prompts hundreds of children across the UK to dress up like their favourite book characters.

I’m off to work in my local library tomorrow, and will be partaking in some World Book Day activities, as us librarians love promoting reading, especially to the next generation of ‘could-be’ authors. 451 more words


2014 Nominees for Song of the Year

You’re wondering why I’m doing a late song of the year list. I’ve been behind on this list for months. I can finally say that I’m ready to release it to the world. 1,935 more words


Shaving, and Why Gender Shouldn't Matter

Hello readers! Something a little different for today. I recently read some articles about the growing trend of women shaving their faces instead of waxing or plucking, and I noticed it was getting a lot of flak. 1,464 more words


In Focus: MOOCs Part One

Back in the day, I had a column on my other blog The Osai Effect (God rest his soul) called Weekend Playlist. I listed tracks I was planning on listening to for the weekend; due to popular demand (which means I just feel like), I am bringing something similar to that to Deltan in the West. 1,239 more words

Ezim Osai

Promises that I'll always keep

Promises that I’ll always keep

I never dreamed about living a life alone but Never cared much about what’s happening around,

Desperate in my own way about how things will turn out to be. 567 more words



With the warmer weather not too far off, here’s a little feature on swifts :)

Swifts are high flying birds with forked tails, and scythe like wings. 667 more words


Love Yourz

Getting the inspiration to write this post was a real task! After listening to Jermaine Cole’s Love Yourz off his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album, and with a few tips from Doyinsola, I was motivated to write this. 265 more words