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Pepper from Pickle Crow, Ontario.

I am greatly inspired by many artists who create from their own home studios.  Many of them being creators of Waldorf inspired dolls.  I myself am a collector of these beautiful beings, made from all natural materials.   336 more words

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Some Spring Newbies! It's all about balls. AND discount codes!

I’ve been busy as usual!  Something I’ve been trying to do is create more listings for my Etsy shop.  I’ve been having fun with balls lately!   688 more words

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Kill People Series 2 - Bootleg Action Figure - Available NOW: $8

Available HERE NOW!  $8! GO!  GO!  GO!

Modeled after the timeless peg figures of our childhood, Kill People reflects a more modern, less innocent and decidedly more dangerous form of play. 67 more words

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Stella & Joy ~ officially looking for homes :)

It’s time!   The two rascals are now ready for their homes and waiting to meet a new family.    Both are in my Etsy shop now.  Sold separately.   95 more words

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I painted a Semi Korosiya micro run that is coming out on Friday the 13th.

These bad boys will be up in the webstore at 7 p.m. CST on, you guessed it. Friday the 13th, 2015!

They are lovingly hand-painted by me, using… at least a dozen colors. 19 more words

Harvey - The Instagram Giveaway Bear!

Happy Monday!  I’m doing a giveaway over on my instagram page and Harvey is the sweet love who you can win!  It’s open to world wide and Wooly Topic pays the shipping.   96 more words

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Greta - not your average Panda (don't say I didn't warn you!)

A rather daring creation for me… but there is a back story to how miss Greta came to be.  She might look like your average woolly panda, but indeed she isn’t.   573 more words

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