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Chair Given to the Artist, after her Mother Received it from her Mother, oil on canvas, 2015.

Sometimes, I like to paint. Sometimes, I like the finished work. 234 more words


A graduate, a salesperson, a merchandiser, a businesswoman, a mother, a painter. How different roles enrich art.

Ever since I remember myself, I loved four things most in the world; art, baking, family and having a good time with friends. During the years, there has been a shift in the importance of each department, but there are two that were always heavily entangled; art and baking. 799 more words


Persevering the Storm- Progress and Progress

Here I am with a leaky roof and about 6-8 inches of snow coming down. Again I have to try and figure out from my limited point of view how to make enough money to afford the things that are necessary. 905 more words


Andy Stein

This week in art history, Andy Warhol died in 1987, following complications from gall bladder surgery. He was shot in the abdomen in his studio, The Factory, by Valerie Solanas. 145 more words


The reality/non-reality of our times, its blurring and its effect on art

These times are extremely weird, and pivotal. Not only for the poor, or very rich, but for everyone. I am originally from Greece, and to be quite frank, quite ashamed of this fact at this very moment; the basis of this being on the shameful politicians, faux academics and extreme right wing parties in the country. 1,073 more words


Collage & sketchbook work continued

I don’t know what it is about cutting into paper that really intrigues me and calms me. I am pondering the idea that it is the control I feel over the selecting a part and letting it go, while making sure to keep another. 359 more words