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5 reasons for NEVER buying original art. (Just kidding)

You see someone’s Facebook Post with these great looking paintings, and think – hmm, click on that and find out more…. only you end up on a website with price tags larger than your weekly mortgage or rent. 509 more words

Art Thoughts

The critic, the artist, and the golden years: summing it all up

I admire anyone who can write great copy on a weekly basis, and earn a living from it.  The Telegraph’s art critic, Alastair Smart, obviously can.   1,268 more words

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Art Thoughts: Madame Récamier

Jacques Louis David is probably the most famous for The Tennis Court Oath, and various portraits of Napoleon. He was a neo-Classicist of the early nineteenth century. 221 more words



Welcome to my world of Found Fabric Fish.  FFF’s are made out of fabric that might otherwise end up in the trash and ultimately in landfill. 153 more words

Art Thoughts


Chair Given to the Artist, after her Mother Received it from her Mother, oil on canvas, 2015.

Sometimes, I like to paint. Sometimes, I like the finished work. 234 more words


A graduate, a salesperson, a merchandiser, a businesswoman, a mother, a painter. How different roles enrich art.

Ever since I remember myself, I loved four things most in the world; art, baking, family and having a good time with friends. During the years, there has been a shift in the importance of each department, but there are two that were always heavily entangled; art and baking. 799 more words


Persevering the Storm- Progress and Progress

Here I am with a leaky roof and about 6-8 inches of snow coming down. Again I have to try and figure out from my limited point of view how to make enough money to afford the things that are necessary. 905 more words