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Maro Kornilaki: Organic Chic

Photo credit: Maro Kornilaki


Maro Kornilaki’s work invites us to go back to the origins and roots of our existence.

We cherish the colors, textures and mixtures of her organic art. 51 more words


Carina Chitsaz Shoshtary

Annamaria Leiste

These are images of some of the beautiful work by Carina Chitsaz Shoshtary and Annamaria Leiste in their exhibition ‘Microphilia’, a reference to the micro world they both work in, spending hours working on tiny elements which make up their jewellery. 119 more words

Work Placement: Setting Up the Exhibition

I had a brilliant time helping Carina Chitsaz Shoshtary and Annamaria Leiste set up their exhibition ‘Microphilia’, which was part of Munich Jewellery Week. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from these two talented ladies. 179 more words

Nora Fok

Exhibition – Talk – Workshop

Project Linlon is on show in R-Space Gallery, Lisburn from 21st March to 18th April 2015.

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending an artist talk and workshop by… 621 more words


Lilies in the field_Ανθη του αγρού

Textile brooch/Υφασμάτινη καρφίτσα. Photo credit: Loukia Richards

Katerina Kolonellou participated in Myths 2015 as a guest star/Η Κατερίνα Κολονέλλου συμμετείχε στους Μύθους 2015 ως guest star. 24 more words

The Amazing World of Lotus Arts de Vivre

What began as a humble hobby for Helen von Bueren in Bangkok, has flourished to become the success story that it is today. With her sons, Sri and Nicki, already at charge of the family business, … 429 more words

*Μύθοι 2015* @ SCHMUCK: Γιατί είχαμε επιτυχία; Μία πρώτη αποτίμηση

Photo: Systemalab, Peristeriones rings, 2013. 3D Print.

Χθες ολοκληρώθηκε η έκθεση *Μύθοι 2015* στο πλαίσιο της Schmuck-Munich Jewellery Week, υπο-ενότητα περί της καινοτόμου φορέσιμης τέχνης του κοσμήματος μέσα στην γιγαντιαία διοργάνωση που ονομάζεται Internationale Handwerks- und Designmesse και χρηματοδοτείται από το ομοσπονδιακό υπουργείο Οικονομικών της Γερμανίας, το Τεχνικό Επιμελητήριο του Μονάχου και την πόλη του Μονάχου. 29 more words