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It's all in your mind! /Τα πάντα βρίσκονται στο μυαλό σου!

Photo: Human brain. Courtesy of Eleni Gadolou

EN/GR This sentence is repeated over and over again during the movie “Yellow submarine”; it is attributed to The Beatles’ spiritual requests in India of the 1960s. 167 more words

PD1 hand-in

Here are my final pieces for my ‘The role of insects’ personal development project. All the pieces are made out of sheets of copper riveted together and patinated. 22 more words

Work with patience and persistence to achieve your goals!/Με υπομονή κι επιμονή όλα γίνονται!

Photos: Frank, a homeless man from Hamburg is wearing Otsis’ “GRexit” necklace. Credit: Christoph Ziegler  / “GRexit” ring, Credit:Vassilis Tsoutsoplidis/”Hinges”, Credit:Vassilis Tsoutsoplidis.

Before we start posting on “Myths Amsterdam @ Sieraad” – or “Myths IV” – we wanted to find out what do the artists who participated in our past projects do today and how they think of our cooperation now. 580 more words

Models in Context

A series of images playing around with different positionings of my models on the body. I like the idea of the jewellery making the wearer interect with the environment to actually pollinate the plants – earrings make you sort of rub your head up against the flowers. 13 more words

Vision always pays off - Το όραμα πάντα επιβραβεύεται

EN/GR “Je suis Charlie”, 2015. Loukia Richards. Photo credit: Christoph Ziegler.

I like very much the interview I gave to student and blogger

“grrrl and dog” 70 more words

Breaking free! Απελευθέρωση!


Photo Credit: Nicholas Stavropoulos

“Imprisoned woman” is the title of a jewellery series in silver, gold and olive wood created by Elina Kakourou of Sparta. 108 more words