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Models in Context

A series of images playing around with different positionings of my models on the body. I like the idea of the jewellery making the wearer interect with the environment to actually pollinate the plants – earrings make you sort of rub your head up against the flowers. 13 more words

Vision always pays off - Το όραμα πάντα επιβραβεύεται

EN/GR “Je suis Charlie”, 2015. Loukia Richards. Photo credit: Christoph Ziegler.

I like very much the interview I gave to student and blogger

“grrrl and dog” 70 more words

Breaking free! Απελευθέρωση!


Photo Credit: Nicholas Stavropoulos

“Imprisoned woman” is the title of a jewellery series in silver, gold and olive wood created by Elina Kakourou of Sparta. 108 more words

Detonations! Εκρήξεις!

Marianna Tzouti’s rings at Myths 2015/Gallery Weltraum, 2015. Photo credit: Christoph Ziegler

Creative desires felt like an explosion inside Marianna Tzouti’s head!
She decided to forget about „reasonable decisions“ to find an (allegedly) secure mini-job and dream big: become a designer. 23 more words

Red Light District Amsterdam

Photo: Young tatooed prostitute, Amsterdam, 2009. Doll.

Credit: Studio Kominis Athens

Τα αγάλματα στο Άμστερνταμ είναι μικρά. Βασιλιάδες, στρατηγοί, εθνικοί ήρωες έχουν όλοι σχήμα τσέπης, πλήν ενός: του Μπαρούχ Σπινόζα. 47 more words

Kundan - The royal patronage of Mughals

Kundan ( K-uu-n-d-uh-n ) The word kundan means highly refined gold, and a highly refined and pure form of molten gold is used. Kundan jewelry is a style of jewelry made with techniques native to India. 450 more words