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Andy Stein

This week in art history, Andy Warhol died in 1987, following complications from gall bladder surgery. He was shot in the abdomen in his studio, The Factory, by Valerie Solanas. 100 more words


Pablo Picasso the men lusting for a muse to drive his world.

I just watched a documentary on Picasso, not really showing his work, but more his constant lust for women. How the lover in him, would change himself to reflect the women, as each key stylistic change in his career can be drawn back to a new lover; that is not to say it was not Picasso conscious choice, or that he was only a meer reflection of his current mistress. 117 more words

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Final Part

Thinking in Blocks

The more difficult a thing is to do – the more method is required. Breaking an image down into broad tonal areas (as outlined above and below) is one method that makes it easier to analyse an image and easier to paint. 806 more words

Lost & found: some absent-minded pastellists

The pages of eighteenth century newspapers can occasionally yield unexpected nuggets, throwing a rather different light on the daily lives of artists than we find from studying only their works. 1,048 more words

Art History

Villa Il Maggiordomo

As a Detroit-area native, ruin porn generally irritates me. I’ve seen too many voyeuristic photographs of the sad remains of the Michigan Central Station. Where were all the rubberneckers when these monuments still might have been saved, before the city fell victim to recreational arson and scrap metal theft? 714 more words

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Getting amongst it

I have always proffered the benefits and importance of visiting galleries and getting up close and personal with artworks. But recently I have felt this to be true more than ever before. 482 more words