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Ode to my First Painting

A couple of weeks ago, I unpacked a box from my attic and there I found it: my very first painting. My first painting that I spent a week of my ninth grade 2-D Design class preparing for. 345 more words

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William Blake’s Illuminated Songs: Something between a Thing and a Thought

William Blake (1757–1827) has truly been a remarkable phenomenon in the history of Western art and literature. Equally gifted as a poet, painter and a printer, in all, he produced some 1400 designs or engravings for other masters’ books; more than a 1000 prints, watercolours, and tempera pictures on biblical, literary, and historical subjects for his patrons; and almost 400 plates for his own books in a verbal-visual medium he invented himself, which he called ‘illuminated printing’. 5,968 more words

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Reinventing the Book | Case Study: Irma Boom

If electronic media is a practical tool for conveying information, books are information sculpture. From now on, books will be judged by how well they awake this materiality, because the decision to create a book at all would be based on a definite choice of paper as a medium. 2,666 more words

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Classical Movies in Ottoman Miniature Style

Some time ago I stumbled upon a really talented designer who was playing around with contemporary Ottoman-style miniatures. I got so excited about his work, so I emailed him right away and asked for an interview. 252 more words

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Safavid Tales

Today I discovered via the TwistedSifter that the Met uploaded 408.500 high resolution images to their already amazing web site. Seriously! With 408.500 images to choose from, where should I start? 600 more words

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Daan Roosegaarde Waterlicht

In his latest art installation, Daan Roosegaarde joins great masters such as Homer, Turner and many others in tackling the subject of the endless battle between man and nature. 371 more words

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Photographer of the Day: Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz


Today’s PotD is my inspiration, Annie Leibovitz. This is about to be a real fan girl session for today’s lesson, so bear with me. 636 more words