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Lintel 24 from Yaxchilan - Classical Maya (400 BC - 900 AD)

This image shows a wonderful lintel from Yaxchilan, a Mayan city. It was made at the beginning of the 8th century AD. The lintel is kept is the British Museum. 321 more words


History of Modern and Contemporary Art - Part - 9

In world art, a sudden shift in aesthetic equations emerged by the middle of the 19th century. The old classic and neo classic concepts were questioned with the backing of rational and liberal thinking. 530 more words

Art History

The Construction of Venice

I had had my dreams of Venice. But nothing that I had dreamed was as impossible as what I found.


Venice rises from a marshy Adriatic lagoon like a surreal vision: a complicated jumble of meandering canals, mosaic-encrusted churches, gothic palace façades, and candy-striped gondola moorings. 189 more words

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#familyMW – Childhood at Charleston


Left to right: CHA-P-621-6, CHA-P-598-39, CHA-P-656-R. Photographs © The Charleston Trust.

Family was at the heart of life at Charleston. Home to Vanessa Bell’s young children as well as a host of visiting artists and writers, the house offered a playground in which all – adults and children alike – were encouraged to create and explore. 63 more words

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Light in Color

First thing I have to say is Thanks Marywood! Paris was such an amazing experience. My search for light there took me on many photographic adventures. 225 more words

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Pablo Picasso and Julio Gonzalez: The Power of Collaboration

On the 27th of March 1942, Spanish sculptor and painter Julio Gonzalez died in Arcueil, France. He is mostly known for his abstract iron sculptures with strong cubist influences. 723 more words


A Political Art Primer - Part 2

Last week, I blogged about some common terms you may come across when viewing/discussing political art. There where too many to list in a single blog. 209 more words