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The arts play a special role in the lives of citizens. They can engage, challenge and satisfy a vast array of people and they can provide a lasting mark for a society when they are embedded in public works, buildings and museums. 712 more words


Eco tees, black bean dye and Gratitude Cards ...

… My feet haven’t touched the ground lately! Well, they have really, thank goodness, to keep me grounded with so much creativity bursting into life after a year of drought! 36 more words

Art For Arts Sake

Art For Art's Sake [No. 28]

Art For Art’s Sake  Title: “Saint Michael the Archangel Collage”  Location: Portland Art Museum

Leaves on paper 2

After steaming the bundle of paper with Eucalyptus leaves this afternoon, it was time to unbundle and reveal Nature’s beautiful patterns. I will let the pic speak for itself.

Art For Arts Sake

Leaves of paper

My beautiful girlfriend’s birthday is tomorrow and I made her some leaf eco printed paper to take on her mini holiday. She loves journals and paper and this was a great opportunity to combine my passion for eco prints with giving a gift to a friend. 70 more words

Art For Arts Sake

Fear edited

Oooookay so I slacked majorly in terms of keeping up to a post a week. (What excuses do I have? I’m a lazy college kid.) So I finally decided to do what I said I would and post some redone work. 171 more words

Art For Art's Sake

Art For Art's Sake [No. 27]

Art For Art’s Sake    Subject: “Tile Entry”   |   Location: Mississippi Avenue, Portland