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‘you poked my heart’

and it hurt.

I never knew a millisecond touch could.

I never knew a millisecond touch would.

I never knew a millisecond touch should.

You poked my heart

–and it hurt.

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Meditations on creativity

Excerpted from a letter, to a fellow artist:

Dear A.

I agree with your views on creativity and its therapeutic potential. The fact is that creativity is the birthright, nay the natural endowment of every person, and life form that has consciousness. 291 more words

Art And Meaning

Curly Christ

“Curly Christ”

soft charcoal


Sometimes you just have to go where the charcoal stick takes you.  That is the case with this piece.  I just needed to have some fun and relax with the practice of art.   13 more words

Turnaround Arts

The arts play a special role in the lives of citizens. They can engage, challenge and satisfy a vast array of people and they can provide a lasting mark for a society when they are embedded in public works, buildings and museums. 712 more words


Eco tees, black bean dye and Gratitude Cards ...

… My feet haven’t touched the ground lately! Well, they have really, thank goodness, to keep me grounded with so much creativity bursting into life after a year of drought! 36 more words

Art For Arts Sake

Art For Art's Sake [No. 28]

Art For Art’s Sake  Title: “Saint Michael the Archangel Collage”  Location: Portland Art Museum

Leaves on paper 2

After steaming the bundle of paper with Eucalyptus leaves this afternoon, it was time to unbundle and reveal Nature’s beautiful patterns. I will let the pic speak for itself.

Art For Arts Sake