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Fear edited

Oooookay so I slacked majorly in terms of keeping up to a post a week. (What excuses do I have? I’m a lazy college kid.) So I finally decided to do what I said I would and post some redone work. 171 more words

Art For Art's Sake

Art For Art's Sake [No. 27]

Art For Art’s Sake    Subject: “Tile Entry”   |   Location: Mississippi Avenue, Portland

Art For Art’s Sake [No. 27]

Art For Art’s Sake    Subject: “License Plate” | Location: A pumpkin farm on Sauvie Island, ten miles northwest of downtown Portland

Week 7/Art for Art's Sake-Technology for Technology's sake?

In class we talked about how remote sensing works in the art field as it does not have any functionality and its purpose was only for art for art’s sake. 433 more words

Stepping in the familiar unknown


They bear him to his resting-place —

In slow procession sweeping by ;

I follow at a stranger’s space ;

His kindred they, his sweetheart I. 807 more words


Imagination Diptych (in color)

*Refer way back to when I posted the drawn single versions of this.*

It’s been a week since I last posted already? That was sort of quick. 169 more words

Art For Art's Sake

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One aspect I love about the 500.6 project is that the reader, each time through, can have a new experience.

As the reader you are forced to become a very active part of the story. 185 more words