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The Cross Over

So you know how i said before that my lessons change me? And how I’m constantly learning about myself well this week’s lesson was one that came kind of unexpectedly, especially considering that we are looking at ‘the other’. 453 more words

John Wentz

Heads – selected works
full project

John Wentz is a contemporary painter whose process resides in an area between rigid technicality and honest expression. Working within the classical idiom of the human figure, his goal is to reduce and simplify the image to it’s core fundamentals: composition, color, and paint application. 173 more words

Art Department

Seis minutos que te recordarán el Festival Ceremonia

Durante la pasada edición vimos sobre el escenario a nuevos talentos que vienen a refrescar nuestros oídos y dispositivos musicales. Para recordar esa experiencia en el foro Pegaso, los chicos de Vans realizaron este video donde  el hip-hop, la electrónica y rap fueron los culpables de miles de camisetas mojadas. 43 more words


Artist Reception for NHS Resident Artist, Sara Willadsen

Join us as we celebrate Sara & her art. Her reception is scheduled for Friday, May 29th from 3:45 – 5:00pm at the 2nd Floor Gallery at Sheboygan North High School. 37 more words

Sheboygan North Art Department

Intro to Computing Art // Simple Logo & Resumé

For Intro to Computing’s final project, they built simple personal logos in Illustrator and constructed resumes in InDesign. This project was meant to create an awareness of how much or how little they have accomplished during their first years of college, as well as give them a little experience with logo development and InDesign. 130 more words

College Course Project

Advanced Computer Studio // Student Presentations

Last week our class held a public slideshow presentation highlighting the work that was done this semester in Giles Auditorium at Mississippi State University. To start things off, I spoke about the professional guests who visited us in-person and online. 260 more words

College Course Project

Design I // Space & Perspective Final

For Design I’s sixth and final project, we focused on value. Students drew a complex shape incorporating only 90° angles, and had to turn it into a 3D form, rotating and moving it through space using acrylic paint. 142 more words

College Course Project