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I’ve recently been hanging out a lot on google+. Of all the places for creative networking that I use or have used in the past, (which includes behance, facebook, deviantart, coroflot, and linkedin), I’ve probably enjoyed my time on google+ the most. 232 more words

Paint, tyvek paper, broom

You may recognize the artist in this very short video (think “Hungry Caterpillar”):

The Artist Creates a Mural

Art & Science

Sammelaufruf – Sincap Collection I/2014: Steal! - Stehlt!

“Gute Künstler imitieren, große Künstler stehlen.” – dieses berühmte Zitat wird oft Pablo Picasso zugeschrieben.  Allerdings sind frühere oder ähnliche Versionen dieser Redewendung schoon seit dem späten 19. 320 more words

Art Citation

#Tags and Conversations

#Tags and Conversations is a two-week residency that explores the relationship between our individual personal histories and collective social stories, through the lens of contemporary social media. 125 more words

Preparing For a Show / The Demons of Creation

They’re cyclical, really, the feelings that swim through my head. There’s happiness, which takes hold for a couple of days, consuming me with its excitement and guiding me through one project after the next. 387 more words

Art Project

Singapore as Comfortable Grid

I’ve been reading Alexander Nehamas’ Only a Promise of Happiness and some of his words jumped out at me:

Beauty always remains a bit of a mystery, forever a step beyond anything I can say about it, more like something calling me without showing exactly what it is calling me to.

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Street Photography



all four images from http://www.desktopnexus.com

I have very strong opinions about almost everything, and this includes my art. And I never doubt myself. I once did two paintings for someone to exhibit at class, and at the end of the exhibit there were so many inquiries about my two paintings. 424 more words