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Light Present and Past

Last week my uncle was baling hay and I couldn’t resist taking my phone and getting a few shots of the farm and bales one evening. 83 more words

Art And Photography

A pink mountain hints of winter...

Our mountain with a fresh snow topping and softly lit by the setting sun on a crisp, clear evening…..the first sign of winter’s imminent arrival.


Petitgrain, bitter chocolate & Tahini ice cream sandwich

Summer is just around the corner and the ice cream season is kicking in. Unfortunately, traditional ice cream is loaded with animal fat, artificial flavours and colourings because the animal fats that are the main ice cream ingredient are not really all that tasty on their own. 407 more words

Plant Based Recipes

Mast'o Khiar - persian cucumber and walnuts soup ( raw & vegan variation)

Having middle eastern roots makes me weak in front of many oriental spices, except cumin… I dislike cumin like nothing else on this earth, unless is used by a super skilled cook along with a bunch of other spices and herbs so that I don’t feel it. 188 more words

Art And Photography

Raw Persian Love Pie with rose & pomegranate

The story goes about a Persian woman that felt in love with a Persian prince and in her efforts to win his heart she created a sweet pastry that contained magical ingredients worthy of a love potion: rose water, cardamom, saffron. 297 more words

Plant Based Recipes

Rework of an old scene....

Sometimes it is important to go back over old work and look at it with fresh eyes. In this case, what caught my attention was the simple wooden structure against the early evening sky. 59 more words

Art And Photography

At a Rest Stop on Mother's Day

I don’t know why I’d never stopped at this rest area before. It’s the first one, right inside the South Carolina line coming from Georgia. It’s not like I haven’t driven that stretch of road dozens of times over the years. 88 more words

Art And Photography