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Portrait: Juniper

My sibling from life, while watching Germany get 0 points at Eurovision Songcontest. It was hard to get perspective etc right since even a minor shift in posture resulted in everything changing – light was a challenge too, warm yellow lamp and fill light depending on whatever light flashed on ESC stream. 17 more words


Portrait Study: Rihanna

Photo study, trying a different approach from what I got used to with portraits lately, similar to janaschi (starting with painting instead of drawing). I like the painterly quality, but it is super-hard to not mess up proportions, colors, everything. 17 more words



New enviro piece! This time I did everything myself – from 3d base model to final piece. Trying to push my realism/photobash skills a bit. 11 more words


Something is off here

Another doodle! I should go study how faces actually look like..


Ms S

Just a doodle to relax in the evening.


Sketchdump #277 - Sketchbook pages

Morning warmups. Also, pretending to be one of the cool kids who draw in sketchbooks instead of sheets of printing paper!



Well, that didn’t last did it? So much for a blog a day, more like a blog a week, if I’m lucky, or a monthly one maybeeeeee! 198 more words