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a familiar face on dog biscuits

Cardigan Welsh corgi people will be glad to see that a new dog biscuit bag features a familiar face.

Arrange several bags in a row and those corgi people will tell you it’s just like being in the kitchen when the biscuits start rattling.


The Mad Men are gone from your screens, but what of the mad women?

Published on 23 May, 2015 in Scroll.in

Struggling to claim their rightful place in a world dominated by males, the women of the iconic TV show had their own unique stories too. 1,387 more words

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Sulle incisioni antiche spesso si leggono tre nomi in basso.

Tali nomi si riferiscono

al pittore dell’opera, a sinistra,

al disegnatore dell’incisione, al centro,

e all’incisore e/o stampatore, a destra. 26 more words

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loving those japanese matchbook labels--summer is coming

This holiday weekend in the US traditionally marks the beginning of social summer. And after this long, cold spring we could certainly use it.  And summer makes me think about cicadas (I’m one of those rare people who likes the shrieking humming sound they make, plus their shed skins are some of my favorite found objects), and this Japanese matchbox label features an excellent cicada drawing. 35 more words

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internet graffiti

Cartoon Cat Art History: I really like this street art piece.

History And Culture

The Windows of Plzeň, Czech Republic

Renowned for its Pilsen beer which was first created there nearly 175 years ago, Plzeň is the Czech Republic’s fourth largest city.

I’ve taken a tour of a beer factory in Plzeň, culminating in a taste test of the cool beverage on a sizzling summer day. 215 more words


that tagged up, abandoned building - or not

you know it, on the corner of Bowery and Spring, or maybe you don’t recall the exact address and only know that its downtown… or maybe you only know it if you saw…. 262 more words

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