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dogs in spacesuits in science fiction

This is the cover illustration for the first edition of Fredric Brown’s story collection Space on My Hands, published in 1951.  It’s an excellent drawing of a classic Postwar Nuclear Family with Two Baby Boomer Kids, with added great costumes and great guns (digging Nuclear Dad’s big ol’ atomic pump action there), and an interesting expression on Nuclear Mom’s face, like she is kinda wishing she had gone to Nuclear Grad School instead. 217 more words

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Packwood House

On a nice sunny Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago we went to Packwood House for a walk.

We walked around the grounds rather than visiting the house as the weather was so nice. 19 more words

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the sky crane and the bus

Helicopters are cool, and Soviet military aircraft are cool, and sky cranes are cool, so a Mil Mi-10 Soviet military sky crane is by definition very cool indeed.  440 more words

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To dissapoint 

Let me dissapoint you

For only when you are able to dissapoint someone an expecation is born.

For only when you are dissapointed by someone you are open to. 26 more words

Art And Culture

The Ocean and the Desert 

I confuse the desert and the ocean

It carries with it, the wind of a time lost.

The water trade tides, but the ocean remains. 82 more words

Art And Culture

Rescuing the markets: contemporary murals / Rescatando los mercados: murales contemporáneos

By / Por: Ana María Torres Arroyo

Versión en español abajo

The collective Germen Crew, formed by 15 graffiti artists, under the direction of Mibe (Luis Enrique Gomez Guzman) had the initiative to create a monumental work in the famous Jamaica Market.

1,250 more words

A New Take on Old Art: Kehinde Wiley

To my WordPress following and regular blog readers,

I knew about this African American’s work already since they had a replica of his work in the DIA. 273 more words