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Frames of Life: Maaya.

From Armani, watch this inspiring video I found on Twitter.

I just found it beautiful in the deepest sense, because her wishes, her hopes, they’re universal. 20 more words


Using Treasure hunts to engage kids with art

Montana Museum of Art & Culture

In March the Montana Museum of Art & Culture held a treasure hunt to engage kids with art. Why use a treasure hunt? 447 more words


Daily doodle : masked

Quick doodle of a make up trend that’s been around for awhile.

DOn Nguyen

Jumpsuits are fun!

hey guys … This summer try on some jumpsuits…

Here are some of my jumpsuit collection before you!

Hope u guys like them…

Happy summers! And happy blogging!


Jonathan Ching, Jeona Zuleta, Hamilton Sulit, Erick Sausa -- West Gallery

This is the first time I’ll be posting a show from West Gallery woohoo! #LoveYourOwn

Currently (this statement will not be true after 30 May 2015) … 373 more words