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The many wonderful ways to blind somebody in Ars Magica

This post is another set of spells for Ars Magica which are all concerned with blinding an opponent. As I wrote these effects up they caused me to ponder what should be allowed as Muto spell effects, and where the domain of Perdo and the other techniques crosses over. 2,086 more words


Spells to mitigate warping in Ars Magica

When I initially thought of the effect I was planning to see it used on the friends of my Magus character, so they suffer less effects from the application of short term powerful transformation spells. 1,377 more words


Shadowrun and the Invisible Bridge

First things first: Bundle of Holding is once again offering its Ars Magica Fifth Edition deal. You can also still by Shadowrun Fourth Edition… 334 more words

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Ars Magica 5e last products

Atlas Games has announced that they have set a sunset on the Ars Magica 5th edition game, which coincides with the resignation of the line editor David Chart, and the announcement of the last few books due for publication in 2015-16 and some tie-in products with Ars Magica flavour through 2016. 271 more words


So, thinking about a podcast...

I have this idea that game communities are more stable when you have the chance to have good, brief experiences in that game’s world. Many computer games are striving for this now: you can play for half and hour and get something concrete done, then save and come back to it for another meaningful session. 424 more words

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Thomas Pikkety meets the Order of Hermes: The Missing 4%

In Capital in the 21st Century, Thomas Piketty notes that the reason that all of the nations of the Earth can be in debt at the same time is that about 4% of the world’s production disappears from the calculations. 134 more words

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Ars Magica: Through the Aegis

Another supplement I helped out with, for Atlas Games‘ Ars Magica. Got to practice rendering underwater settings, which was fun!