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//age of...//

One thing they don’t tell you about growing older is the changes that come.

Not the changes in body, for those appear in their own time. 126 more words


Several books and bottles later,

Here the narrarator returns to regail another month of fasinating nothing. I’ve been busy dear reader trying to keep my head above water and dabbling in several old hobbies I loved and forgotten. 1,199 more words


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diy // feathery pillow

I will honestly admit that this diy is a little tacky. I mean, fake gold leather, really? Yes really! In my new ‘dull beige all-over Ikea’ rental room, a little bit of boldness felt absolutely in place. 290 more words


⚡ electric sunrise ⚡

i totally lied when i said white is the new black… you guys should have known. i have a very scary obsession with the color black and you should always know i’m lying if i claim otherwise. 381 more words


rainbow (machete & arrows) nation

Blood is not a beautiful sight for all its poetic qualities. Like birth… and the extraction of a tooth, ouch!

When you see the rainbow *clap *clap… 411 more words