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2015, February 21 – 256 – bus

bouncing and weaving (5)
on a bus through the mountains (7)
when will we arrive? (5)


Day 1. Because it Actually is Day One.

‘…How does it feel, how does it feel?
To be on your own, with no direction home
A complete unknown, like a rolling stone…’

Like a Rolling Stone…

558 more words

Full Deck

No wish list before birth
Working with the cards dealt
Know No knowledge of the game
But playing with a full deck
Lost a couple hands… 105 more words


Is Love

I have to face love with Love
Somethings I can’t control
Knowing GOD have the power
To change hearts and save them
I have faith in the day that happen… 135 more words


Conscious Levels

Eye can’t be seen
I can be seen
But I can’t be seen
Consciousness that rise
The spirit to higher levels

What was a lot became a little… 116 more words


The Shift

Yes, I do, take this journey
Through the ups and downs
For better or for worse
Always keep GOD first
Becoming a better me
To be of better service… 141 more words


Top Of The Mountain

Nobody could see his view
From the top of his mountain
Just the view of him in a daze
Daydreaming about his story
He would create at the top of the mountain… 202 more words