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Quote of the day, July 2

Robert Louis Stevenson, on travel

“To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour.”


The End Of Spiritual Seeking Part 2

I think it was King Solomon in the Bible who said that there is no end to the writing of books.

It is true.

There is no end to seeking too. 139 more words

Allu Kuy

Going Places in China

Word of the week: dào

Sometimes things just don’t directly translate from one language to another. In fact it happens quite a lot.

Take the English word “go”, which is qù 去 in Chinese. 234 more words

Word Of The Week

The End of Spiritual Seeking?


Is there really an end to spiritual seeking?

We are infinite beings – do you take this as a fact?

If you do not believe that we are infinite beings, do you believe then that when you die, it’s the end of you? 76 more words

Allu Kuy

Je n’ARRIVE pas = I can not


“I didn’t arrive to  access the data base even though I tried several times.” Je « ne pas arriver à se connecter » à la base de données même après plusieurs tentatives. 168 more words

Word Usage

slept until no arive

wasn’t about to waste time

trying to get up

and just have a moment

and allow  the  air

become free

and all all the hands… 48 more words