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I need a hug

I could use a pair of strong arms
Wrapped tightly –
But not too tightly –
Around my fragile shoulder blades
Vast and forgiving arms… 278 more words

Creative Writing


Ek wil in jou arms wegsink,

en saam met jou

die berge in vlug…

en mis word.


Five Lines ~ 09

bare branches
grow little hands
upon their arms
reaching their fingers
up to the sun.

~ (c) kj

Free Form

Fitness Friday: TRX workout

KIMT News 3 – TRX stands for total body resistance exercise. The straps can hang from the ceiling or a sturdy door. Before each exercise, be sure to adjust the straps to your height and fitness level. 291 more words

Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. – James Madison

If you work it, it's worth it

Good Morning Dear W’s…apologies for the absence! Recently I have entered what some may call a transition period in my life. I moved from being just another staff member, to being a manager, albeit a trainee manager, but a manager nonetheless. 488 more words


Why does letting your arms hang straight down the side of your body feel weird?

You’d think it should be the most natural position, where gravity is pulling your arms straight down and your arms muscles aren’t working to hold your arm in any sort of position.