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Calvinism and my views - Part II

Now, here are some of my personal responses to these points.

My issue with the Calvinism branch of reformed theology is mostly based on the view that if one thing is true, others things cannot be… when often this is not the case biblically. 1,613 more words


Calvinism and my views - Part I

John Calvin (1509-1564) was a serious player in the reformation – the break of what is now known as the Protestant Church from the Roman Church. 1,293 more words


Clever Arminius

“Questions about Arminius’ doctrine arose as early as 1590… By 1596, after studying Romans chapter 9, he concluded that… God has willed to accept those who seek acceptance with Him by faith. 122 more words


Berkouwer and Arminius

More about Berkouwer, see

Berkouwer’s understanding of divine election is best understood in terms of the Dutch Reformation. There, one finds a similar struggle to avoid determinism and thus emphasize the sincerity of the Gospel offer. 2,283 more words


Predestined or free?

Our starting context

I don’t think a Christian’s belief regarding free will and/or predestination has any direct bearing on the really vital aspects of the faith. 2,263 more words



Das wohl berühmteste Detmolder Ausflugsziel ist das Hermannsdenkmal auf der 386m hohen Grotenburg in Detmold-Hiddesen.

Mit einer Figurhöhe von 26,57 Metern und einer Gesamthöhe von 53,46 Metern ist es die höchste Statue Deutschlands und war von 1875 bis zur Erbauung der Freiheitsstatue 1886 die… 13 more words

"Who the Heck Cares?" Monday Post: Super-Calvin-Fragilisticexpialidocious

My second entry in the “Who the Heck Cares?” series tackles Calvinism vs Arminianism.

Now before you get all excited about some expansive debate on the pros and cons of both sides, just stop . 320 more words