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System Of A Down - Dreaming

This Thursday System Of A Down will be performing in Armenia, Yerevan. We are all very excited and we can’t wait!


Sex Selective abortions vs demography

Before giving birth to her son Marine Sargsyan, 35 years old, did a sex-selective abortion three times, because every time the fetus was a girl ‘’I already had two daughters, and my husband and I wanted a son very much, but every time after the ultrasound check-up we found out it was a girl again. 833 more words

Talking walls

 Talking walls of Tbilisi

Walls are not mute anymore. It is very hard to walk alone, as all the time city walls are talking to you. 440 more words

The Armenian Genocide, 100 years of denial by Turkey.

It is true the hardest stories to tell are the stories that connect with you personally, stories of other people’s pains are much easier to write, writing about your own painful history is like making an open surgery on yourself, I’m an Armenian writer and in this article I want to share my own story of Armenian genocide which killed one and half million Armenians, and want to show why it’s not an Armenian story it’s a global one. 1,130 more words

Francis, Karekin II and the Armenian genocide

Approaching the centennial of the first genocide of the Twentieth Century (which set the path for the subsequent ones) Turkey still refuses to acknowledge its responsibility, and for good reasons: there’s a claim for reparations by the victim’s relatives. 39 more words


News: Coptic Pope Tawadros II To Participate In Events Marking 100 Years Since Armenian Genocide


Egyptian Streets reports that Pope Tawadros will travel to Armenia to participate in events marking the centennial of the Armenian genocide.

Following Pope Francis’ statement, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned him not to make similar statements. 240 more words


News From Armenia: Just Watch Me Now!

Hopscotch is proud of our super star, with a starring role in the "Variety" commercial.  "Variety" is a children’s charity that advocates for kids with needs.

See Video.

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