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Reflections On The Kundalini And Thomas Cole

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Event Horizon Chronicle: Reflections On The Kundalini And Thomas Cole.

This planet is infested by teaming billions of arrogant know-nothings, and as a consequence we are destroying the planet on which we reside.

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Political Science

Understanding Stage 6 [Part 4 - the valley of protection]

Considering Zechariah 14 to learn God’s provision of safety for those who make up his true church, gathered out from the backslidden church system during Stage 5

End Times

Understanding Stage 6 [Part 3 - Armageddon]

The pouring of the sixth vial of judgment to officially commence world war 3 – the kings of the east against the one world government of the beast

End Times

The Sun of Righteousness! Part 1: The Sunrise

From Malachi 4:2 do we get the phrase Sun of righteousness. 

In the context that it gets used here, that of a Sun capable of dispersing the terrible darkness of the great tribulation, it follows naturally on the heels of the… 1,119 more words


Tales Goes Christian: CERN, “It has a lot to do with you, and the Bible…”

Once again, I am posting from my Christian friend, as these videos and what they imply kind of spooked me. The CERN experiment  is at the very edge of modern science. 151 more words


WikiLeaks' Collateral Murder US Soldier Ethan McCord (17:27)

This is brilliant. It’s better than a war movie, because it is real. Listen to the soldier who had to witness the aftermath of the civilian carnage in Iraq. 253 more words