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  The third Arkham game based on Batman is more like an off-brand product licensed by the real thing.

That’s not a bad thing here. I like these Batman games, I am very much looking forward to Arkham Knight, it’s just that Origins doesn’t quite feel the same. 789 more words

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Joker Item #014

The Red Hood – Arkham Origins

Based off the Excellent Arkham video game series.


New trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight!

One of my favourite game series of late has been Rocksteady’s Arkham series. It perfectly captures the atmosphere of Gotham and the personalities of the most dangerous inhabitants. 384 more words

Comic Book Review - Batman: Arkham Origins


Writer(s): Adam Beechen, Doug Wagner, Frank Hannah.

Artist(s): Christian Duce, Richard Ortiz, Federico Dallocchio, Vincente Cifuentes, Omar Francia, Victor Drujiniu & Thomas Derenick.

Colours: Santi Casas & David Lopez. 815 more words

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Batman Franchise Fun

I’ve always been struck by some of the similarities between the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and the Arkham franchise. I was going to call them both trilogies but it seemed a bit unfair to call it the Arkham games a trilogy considering that Arkham Origins is a prequel. 443 more words


10 Least Favorite PS3 Games

Perhaps my most passionate gaming era came during the PS3. I played my ass off on so many games, earning around 60 platinums during that systems lifecycle. 271 more words

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