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Well, I got sick after the hubs then by the time I got better a miraculous thing happened. It snowed in Northwest Louisiana! On Monday we had ice, sleet and some nice sweet little snowflakes. 488 more words


Winter Blues Spell Bad News for Baseball

Eastern Illinois baseball has had to make a few tweaks to its schedule for the weekend and a little into next week. The weekend series that was originally supposed to be played at Kansas State has been cancelled due to winter weather. 92 more words


Rare Southern snowstorm gives us a look at what SEC stadiums look like covered in snow

The Southeastern United States got a rare snowstorm yesterday that covered most of SEC country in snow. That storm gave us a rare look at some of the SEC’s football stadiums covered in snow. 221 more words


Oh boy! The Ozarks

I couldn’t take it anymore.

Winter in lakes country is harsh enough with the frigid temps, bad roads and sun setting at light speed.

Add to the mix our lack of snow this year, causing the uselessness of my snowmobile, and my recipe for winter turned out worse than if I had attempted to make a wedding cake in an easy-bake oven. 693 more words

Unbelievable Fiery Colored Grass at sundown last evening

I was so shocked at the grass color just as the sun set over Shiloh Mountain (SW of me) last evening 2/25; those are the peaks of Taylor Mountain to the South.


A Storm drain in the most unique place...

I am always fascinated when I see this unusual storm drain covers. Or as we called it growing up – a manhole cover. I have seen many drain covers over the years, some are beautiful works of art, others plain and hardly noticeable. 46 more words

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Wendell Berry & "The Peace of Wild Things"

One of my readers responded recently with a note about the value of his “dogs, garden, and wild life” in his spiritual life. His response really spoke to me and reminded me of my own affinity with the natural world and helped to ground me on that occasion, bringing me down from the lofty heights of the aether that I often get intoxicated with when I trot this “stuff” out. 235 more words

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