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The Plot Story: Prologue

Every story has a beginning. Yeah, and a middle and an ending, I hear you sneering, and I must stop you right there. You cannot begin a story by sneering, regardless of what you think of its opening sentence. 1,694 more words


Movie reflection — “Inside Out”

This film was my sister Liza’s suggestion.  The trailer was funny so I thought it might be worth watching.  Pixar created such a funny and insightful film on our emotions. 316 more words


Aristotle was Right, Almost (Part 3)

Continuing from my previous post, Aristotle gives us the Journey and the Adventure segments to happiness.  Maslow’s hierarchy concurs with Aristotle’s philosophy that the basic needs, a sense of belonging among friends, recognition from others, as well as a degree of wealth are needed to secure the virtues that will lead to happiness.   433 more words


Before the battle,
The mad, killing throttle,
Brutus and Horace perused Aristotle;
After the rattle,
Philippi a-mottle,
Still in sad circles the fly toured the bottle.


Quote Challenge—Day 2

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”
Aristotle, Greek philosopher (384 – 322 BCE)

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Aristotle of Our Time, Kim Kardashian, Opines About Tough Issues Facing America

HOLLYWOOD (The Barbed Wire) – In an interview with a retired California judge, Kim Kardashian, our generation’s premier philosopher, ruminated on some of the tough issues that face our world today. 341 more words


Hume's Lockean misstep

A key step in Hume’s argument against the rationality of induction is the following: “It is agreed on all hands that there is no known connection between the sensible qualities and the secret powers,” “on which the influence of these objects entirely depends” ( 416 more words