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Drunk and jealous 

Its my second week of living here now and this weekend we have ended up drinking two nights, we are both jealous and possessive and don’t tend to drink often. 357 more words

"What does your dad do?" "Causal armed robbery, yours?"

I guess the title tells you all you need to know really but lets dive in any way. My dad went down for armed robbery when I was 15 years old. 459 more words



It was the argument

that made me what to punch Prague.

Violent flashes of insanity would sparkle on my face.

My blood erupting like steam vapour on the road to war… 71 more words


Sticking it to the Man

I’m trying to put mascara on, tears streaming down my face. I have work in twenty minutes and I’m feeling like a mess. I’m trying to pull myself together but the recent argument is lingering in my mind and the tears keep coming. 304 more words


Foul Play?

The skeletal key didn’t work, but the door opened wide. Dee wasn’t surprised knowing this old place was always unusual. People never knew what to expect. 241 more words

Day 58: Darkness

the only body I have
is the body you can see
vague verdigris
in clusters on shaven shins.
when I say ‘ouch,’ I mean it. 59 more words

365 Days Of Writing

You cannot be serious…

I’m writing as what has possibly been one of the most stressful weeks of my life draws to a close. To be fair it has been a pretty rough few months. 782 more words

British Eventing