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Rage, Inconsistency, and Free Will

My father threatened to stop paying for my education because he was angry that I chose to run away with my husband instead of being an obedient little girl. 818 more words


Vocalics and Persuasion

Playing with Vocalics in Presentational Speaking

As  your public debates approach, it’s time for you to start preparing for the public speaking aspect of your debates. 304 more words



You know what the worst part about fighting with a significant other is?

When it’s all said and done and it’s evident you both need some space from each other to get your mental right, who do you turn to? 452 more words


Why You Really Should Pick and Choose Your Battles Wisely

By Crystal Lambert

Sometimes It’s just not worth it. The arguments, the irritation, the annoyance, the negative energy—but how do you know when you should just leave it alone?  577 more words


Knights in Shining Armour

I started Dirt and Grit as an exploration in to how I might blog and what I might like to say  when given a platform to speak. 1,017 more words

Function Arguments in JavaScript

JavaScript is a weird language, where you can pass as many arguments to a function as you want or not pass any.


function passMeSomething(something) {} //function defination
passMeSomething(); //no arguments
passMeSomething('apple'); //one string argument
passMeSomething(1); // one number argument
passMeSomething('apple',2,2.4); // 2,3,4,5... 221 more words

Passing Through/Stuck in a Fence

Passing Through/Stuck in a Fence

‘It’s nothing to do with that,’ she replied. Her voice was calm and measured, but her hand slid across the table towards him, forefinger tapping at the wood with increasing force. 2,137 more words