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The Equilibrium – Part Two

A few years back, I was having a regular chit-chat with a friend which in no time turned into a verbally heated argument. The argument ended soon and everything got back to normalcy. 203 more words


Help or Hurt?

If you are going to try any of the six steps to conflict resolution that I am offering to you, the fifth step is the one. 496 more words

Marriage Counseling

We Should Think More... or Why the Internet is mostly wrong.

In the wake of new rulings and more recent legal conundrums, I feel the need to put a disclaimer out for the internet as a whole: not everything on the Internet is gospel truth. 474 more words

Three Terrible Arguments Against Christianity

I will go over three terrible arguments people use to try to disprove Christianity. They will be: “Jesus did not exist,” “asking who created God” and “claiming you are only a Christian because you were born in a Christian family.” 515 more words


I am right. You are wrong.

How many times did a normal conversation end up as an argument leaving people upset?

You have been there, have you? I have… many times. 461 more words


“When arguing with your mate, discuss only the item that began the disagreement. Do not become historical, digging up long past hurts and wrongs. If you do, this will only harm the present, hinder the future, and drown you marriage in a bottomless sea of strife.” … 15 more words


Good conflict

The idea of “good conflict” isn’t new to me, not really. I think I always knew that it was a thing, but I don’t think I had really experienced it and been aware of it. 509 more words