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The Age of the Epiphany

If you’re anywhere under the age of 30, remember this: Your parents are right about EVERYTHING.

I’ve always listened to my parents advice, don’t get me wrong. 709 more words


Sex and Insomnia: Lay Awake Until You Want to Kill People

“A lack of sleep never killed anyone,” is a thing they say around the 12-step rooms that makes me want to stab eleven people at random.   891 more words


Agree to Disagree? No Way!

I was texting with a friend the other day and I made a somewhat controversial comment. I knew at the time that I said it that at first appearance, it would seem debatable, but I thought I would be given the chance to explain. 885 more words


eternal #15/a lullaby

a bicycle ride,
occasionally changing lanes.

a nameless blood cell
in the pulsating vein.

adrenaline shots on the tab,
maneuvers between the taxis.

a sperm in the fallopian tube, 61 more words


Logical Fallacies: How to WIN any Argument

So there are these things called “logical fallacies” that basically de-legitimize an argument if present. If you can learn what these common ones are, not only can you avoid using them making all of your arguments logical, but you can also identify them in the arguments of others and call out/realize the weaknesses of their points. 501 more words


GI Jane's Daughter.

I’m always telling ya’ll about what I’ve done in life, but i’ve never told you guys why. I mean, I never offer up anything about my life to anyone in fear they will use it against me for something malice, but fuck it. 489 more words

Why Do They Have to Misrepresent Us? A Response to Valerie Tarico's "9 Sinister Things the Christian Right Does..."

I’ve been busy with school, church, and just stuff in general for the past few weeks, so maybe things can get back to normal for a while. 482 more words