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No Apologies

A while ago, I ranted about Christian Apologists, those paragon polemics which defend their faith…with a good offense. At the time, I was only 4 months into being drowned in apologist arguments seeking to refute my horrible atheistic ways. 1,147 more words


C.S. Lewis Goes to the Gap

I used to think C.S. Lewis was a decent author. The Chronicles of Narnia were a good set of books that illustrated some of his views on Christianity quite nicely. 847 more words


New Post: Fine-Tuning Part I

I have just posted part oneĀ in a planned two-part series of essays on the so-called Fine-Tuning Argument. As I was writing my response to this argument, I realized that the supposedly fine-tuned parameters that are part of this argument really fall into two broad categories: those that are so obviously not fine-tuned that claiming they are should be embarrassing, and thoseĀ about which there is legitimate, interesting debate about. 50 more words

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New Essay (Origins of the Ethical Imperative)

It has been a long time since my last essay. Real life end-of-year obligations are part of the explanation. Another part is that my planned next topic was a comprehensive essay on the development of a workable atheistic ethical system, and that was turning into a behemoth of an essay. 168 more words

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Just the Facts

I came across this post a while back when searching for atheism tags. It covered an important hangup between Christians and Atheists: basing arguments on certain facts contained in the Bible. 971 more words


Apologists Should Stop Trying

Author’s Note: This is a rant. I didn’t want it to be a rant, but it turned out to be one nonetheless. It addresses Christian Apologists and their penchant for ignoring reality and good sense. 1,149 more words


New Essay: Scriptural Evidence for God

My latest essay is now online, dealing with using scripture to support the existence of God. The main points are:

  1. Internal consistency, internally-reported fulfilled prophesies, and minor historical veracity are insufficient to support scriptural claims of miraculous events.
  2. 38 more words
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