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The "Friendzone"

I’m just going to get straight down to it. I absolutely object to the term “friendzone”. I was aware what the definition of the term was before I decided to look it up on the site Urban Dictionary. 566 more words


It takes more than one person to tango, and by tango I mean to crash a plane into a mountain...

SHOCK REVELATION: The Germanwings copilot locked the captain out of the cockpit and “deliberately” crashed the plane into the French Alps:

What a cunt?

Taken off duty for depression related illness for nine months, returned to duty with clean bill of health.. 86 more words


Nigeria's Election: Brought To You By These Hired Guns

For the militants of Boko Haram, 2015 began like most any year: with death and chaos. Three days into the New Year, the Nigeria-based Islamist terrorist group attacked Baga, a Nigerian town on the banks of the Lake Chad, shared by Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger. 1,596 more words


Faceless Arguments

Too many words were said,
All for the sake of being the right one.
The victor;
The one who won.

Arguments were paved,
Tampered with for days. 17 more words


From Havana to Tehran

On Dec. 17, 2014, President Barack Obama announced a dramatic change in the United States’ policy toward Cuba, heralding the end of a Cold War-era conflict that had begun to look increasingly anachronistic. 1,155 more words


A Brief Statement on the Comma

The comma, which gives one pause; the comma which does not give one pause; the comma, at which point one pauses; the comma, a cockroach in the corner of the closet after all the clothes are cleaned out and the conversations are forgotten, hollow and cold; the comma that defies erasure, the comma that sticks; the comma that permits addition but sometimes subtracts; the comma a foot soldier, a drone wearily drove, the first key to fade; the comma a banana peal only a curmudgeonly grammarian with scruples would slip on; the comma a red light where turning right on the red without stopping is ok; the commas lined up like cars waiting for the ferry to return to cross over to the islands:

,,; ,, ,,; ,, ,,; ,, ,,; ,, ,,;   .     .       .         .           .


Is Paul Krugman Seeing Double or Just Hung Over?

In January, Paul Krugman, famous for his pithy polemics and nifty models, visited Hong Kong to share his thoughts on China’s economy. As I mentioned in a previous… 3,143 more words