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Assad Strikes Back

Both rebel forces and the Islamic State are on the march in Syria. Islamist opposition groups have advanced in the south near Daraa and in the north in… 1,133 more words


No such thing as too many cats

“A North Pleasant Street resident reported finding a human leg bone in the back yard. Police determined the bone was part of a turkey leg, and likely had been left in the yard by a wild animal that grabbed it from a nearby Dumpster.” 160 more words

The Data Sleuths of San José

The real estate agent was angry. She had spent weeks helping her well-heeled client shop around for the house of his dreams — and now, just as they were about to close the deal, he announced that he was backing out. 2,849 more words


Rant of a *real* fiscal conservative

Greta Christina has managed to do one of the most annoying things someone can do on the Internet.

She has taken a position that I thought was rather sensible, a bridge between supposedly irreconcilable camps, and exposed it as a sham. 656 more words


Poem: Big row

I had this big row

in this big city

on our only big holiday.
Oh, this big drama

on this great big platter

of moules and frites and great big steaks. 51 more words


Benjamin Netanyahu’s Grade A Pork-Barrel Politics

“You founded a circus of a government,” Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog thundered at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from the podium of the Knesset on May 14. 1,197 more words


Why Is Pakistan Such a Mess? Blame India.

Of all the hopes raised by Narendra Modi’s election as prime minister of India one year ago, perhaps the grandest was ending the toxic, decades-long rivalry with Pakistan. 1,723 more words