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A Fourth of a Poem

All around us,
the plants whisper
in dry brittle voices,
“water us, water us.”

Sotto voce,
there is no water,
and what falls is not wet… 26 more words


Let Loose Your Inner Sass Queen

Who here can honestly say that they aren’t sassy? I think the real question is more who doesn’t want to be sassy? Now you might be wondering why my topic of the day sass? 2,276 more words



Audrey, Aged almost 100

As recently I’ve encouraged my mind to wander over the few remnants of my first few years that are actually somewhere inside my memory, snippets I suppose I’d almost forgotten begin to emerge as though from a fog. 837 more words


Egypt’s Coming Chaos

When Egyptian Prosecutor-General Hisham Barakat’s car was blown up in Cairo this week by as of yet unknown terrorists, there was a profound sense of foreboding that Egypt was in some new, unprecedented phase of violence. 1,026 more words

Middle East

Poem: the red leaf

the red leaf,
won the argument with the pine needle,
but then fell off of the tree


I dislike conflict.

I honestly don’t like conflict, but I dislike silence in the face of injustice even more, and I dislike emotional feeling clouding rational judgment even more than that. 10 more words


Man Suffers Neck Wounds In Machete Attack During Argument In San Mateo

SAN MATEO (CBS SF) — A suspect is in custody after a machete attack Wednesday night that left one man with a serious wound to the neck, San Mateo police said Thursday. 148 more words