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Earthquake trembles

When you first thought of marriage I am sure that you painted a completely different picture in your mind than the picture that you are presently living in. 480 more words


Can We Change the Tolerance Conversation?

Hot topics. Our conversations continue to consist of closed-ended questions on every side, closed-minded responses on every side, intolerance on every side, and chronic inflammation. Relationships continue to be injured, from personal to national, and we are no closer to tolerance than we were when we started. 1,377 more words


Arguing with God

Exodus 4:  God gives Moses his marching orders.

Lessons for Living Today:

Moses was so like us—he argued with God about what he should do. 355 more words

This Is Just Ridiculous!!!

Sooo this morning at the Kroger in my old neighborhood this guy followed his wife to her job (Kroger) and ran his truck into hers. When she got out an ran he shot in the head and then shot himself… 279 more words


Ok, so I've decided to blog.

As the title suggests, I’ve decided to start a blog. I’m not sure where I’ll go with it but sometimes I just feel like saying something, but couldn’t be bothered to actually talk and interact with people. 641 more words


Oh my man!

This post reminds me of the pioneer woman.  I read one of her recent interviews with her husband, Marlboro Man on the airplane to somewhere.  819 more words


You Seriously Think I Want to Go?

My friend told me yesterday that the historical society is meeting tonight. Last time when I went, there was a big confrontation and I ended up leaving early because I was so bored. 160 more words