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Technological Drawbacks

The silence is worse than the screaming.

The quiet inability to speak about why it is that you just vanished.

I made a promise,

No disappearing, 124 more words


Moving Day

I’ve always hated saying goodbye. When I would go to sleepaway camp as a kid I would beg my mother to pick me up first so that I’d only have to say goodbye once and not to every camper who rolled out before me. 923 more words


Arguments aren't about finding truth...

Just a little food for thought

Arguments and fiery debates arouse our psychological defenses.

Confrontational communications put us on the offense, defense or both—and the goal becomes “winning.” We all know this feeling, and sometimes we’ll keep fighting even after we realize we’re wrong. 14 more words


Don't Drag Me Into This

I had an interesting experience today.  I got a front row seat to a French argument.  

In the building where our office is located they recently did a renovation on the ground floor.   647 more words


I Think You Are Just as Wrong as You Think I Am

This thought has a kind of mathematical symmetry to it.  Point A is just as far from point B as point B is from A.  In the same way, my beliefs are just as far from yours as yours are from mine. 384 more words

How To Win Every Argument, Ever.

In her mind, my sister has won every argument she’s ever had. She’s an incredibly bright girl and she knows a lot, but what really makes her the champion of arguing is that sometimes she has absolutely no regard for other people’s opinions. 704 more words

#SunnahFriday - Moral Discipline

The Messenger of Allah (SWT) once said: “When any one of you is fasting, he should refrain from all indecencies. He should not raise his voice. 121 more words